Trapper tier list

From most viable to least.

S: Maggie - She has a constantly tracking dog who discourages sneaking. Her harpoon traps are the greatest deterrent in game. Her smg also does decent damage as well.

A: Jack - His scanner has an obscenely large range and does a good chunk of damage when it hits. His repulsor is the best at eating up the monster’s traversals and rescuing team mates.

B: Crow - Crow has Gobi who can scan one area while you search the other. His kinetic rifle can pierce through the monster’s armor (albeit chip damage). A well aimed stasis shot can enable Crow to switch to his rifle or Gobi to ping the monster.

C: Griffin - Griffin is a situational trapper. He can completely monitor the entire area on small maps. On larger maps, he must rely on certain check points to get a clue of where the monster is or going to be. His harpoon gun can be useful for limiting a monster’s traversal or escape but doesn’t serve any other purpose if the monster is aggressive.

D: Abe - Abe relies entirely on seeing the monster to track it. His grenades are useful when thrown from a high area but doesn’t truly slow down the monster. His shotgun is too inconsistent at times, even when slow firing.

Someone else wanna tell him?

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nahhhhh, let him learn the hard way.


If you’re talking about the juke, I know how that works. Daisy can at least give you a general idea of where the monster is.

Shhhhhhhhhh. Nobody tell him.

I promise i wont tell him.

Those Stasis Grenades…they can be real shitty when paired with a Bucket…


There is no given tier list imo. Its that some Trappers work best with some Monsters.

Make a tier list regarding the Trappers and Each Monster and that will be fine.

And mixed with a perma tranq val…
Or slim’s spore cloud…

Ugh. Nightmare fuel.

Daisy is a weird dog.

S: Maggie. S: Abe. S: Crow. S: Jack. B: Griffin.

There you go.


I got Wrecked on Mines as Goliath with


I couldn’t move anywhere and just got torn apart, all while trying to chase Laz

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1: At least Crow is third place
2: I’m pretty sure they are saying Daisy isn’t a dog, but what is it?
3: Can you do these for all of them, maybe update them as new hunters come in?

Yep, if bucket is consistent with his turrets and the laz player is just running by them…

You’re gonna have a bad time.

[quote=“Heat_Sleep, post:10, topic:71572, full:true”]
Daisy is a weird dog.

Well…Id say!

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I don’t know. Most Abe’s I play against don’t really deter me as much as Maggie or Griffin could.

I play Wraith so maybe that’s why I’ve come to that conclusion.


A. Maggie: Daisy is fat, but that makes her good monster bait.

B. Jack: That repulsor doe.

C. Griff: Annoy the monster with harpoons? Almost constant cc? Yes please.

D. Abe: Trash. Just trash.

No regrets.