Trapper Suggestion: AI tamer


Okay, I REALLY love the Maggie/Daisy duo more than any other trapper (or hunter) concept. I would love to see some sort of tamer of wildlife that went along something like this:

3rd Ability: Hypnotic Transmodifier
This device will latch onto it’s target and infuse itself after x-seconds. When the target is weakened, the device will take over the host’s body and will be forever loyal to it’s master. The target will then become injected with a biochemical enhancer that boosts the stats of the target by x%

Before I go on:

Will it work with Albino Monsters? No

Will it work with evacuation minions or refugees? No

What happens when it dies?

The monster will have down penatlies like the hunters if it is revived on time. If it dies, it is dead forever, no dropship. Lazarus can revive the target and it will keep it’s past penalties

Certain monsters are unique, but most will just fight alongside the hunters. Here’s a short list of what I came up with:

Passive: The target will avoid all fights as much as possible.
Aggressive: The target will fight alongside hunters.

Megamouth: Aggressive

Sloth: Aggressive

Strider: Passive - +3%(?) movement speed of nearby hunters

Mammoth Bird: Passive - +3%(?) Damage to hunter attacks

Obsidian Beetle: Passive - +3%(?) reduced damage to hunters

Meerkat: Passive - Shouts when monster is within X radius of hunters

Nomad: Aggressive

Reaver: Aggressive

Trapjaw: Aggressive - NOT DAISY AI

Venom Hound: Aggressive. Add DoT on attacks

Dune Beetle: Aggressive

Tyrant: Aggressive

Celphopod: ???

Steamadon: Passive Uses smoke to hide hunters

Blitz Leopard: Aggressive

2 Ability - Bolas or Caltrops. Slows a monster down for a breif period of time. (If caltrops, when the monster uses it’s traverse ability on or within a small distance of the caltrops, they are slowed for 50% more.

1 Ability - Hunting Rifle


As much as I would love to see something like this, they mentioned that one of the reasons the parasite monster got scrapped was because they don’t have climbing/aggressive animations for all the wildlife. I still think it would be fun to have something tag along with you tho :slight_smile:


That’s something I thought of…but I think non-climbing monsters shouldn’t climb. So this allows for strategic picks when choosing your ally.


But what happens if it gets knocked from elevation, it doesn’t contribute anything anymore. With all the knockbacks monsters have that makes it rough.


I don’t think some monsters can get knocked back (Sloth, Dune beetle?). Again, it’s all about choice and strategy on how you want to use your transmodifier.

Want a heavy tank? Take Sloth. It can’t climb, but sure is useful when the monster is on your level.

Want a permanent travel ally? Take reaver.

Want utility? Try Meerkat


Didn’t they try this but i didn’t work. They said something about it in the milestone thread.


And what is this wildlife going to do against a kraken high in the air?



And scream.