Trapper most balanced class?


Everyone always says maggie is the best because of daisy and she forces running instead of sneaking. Yet, the other trappers are just as good. Griffin (who has become a favorite with the new patch), rewards good aim and punishes running.

Then we got Abe, who I feel is the most underestimated trapper. Everyone says he sucks since he has a,weak early game, some people say his stasis is,weak and he’s all luck.Although I personally feel he is the best trapper in the right hands. (puts up flame shield)

Then we have crow, who I feel also is favorite. People like using gobi and he can track monsters with gobi. And his stasis gun and long rifle are powerful.

Anyway the point I’m trying to make is that I feel like all the trappers are actually liked by the community. And all of them are viable. However the other classes fall short to this. Support has weak. Bucket, and in a way Cabot. Because they are outclassed by the others in their class. Same with medic and assault. So would you guys like to see the same balance in trapper class in all other classes, so EACH hunter becomes viable. Not a liability?


Disagree. It’s just that Bucket is ridiculously hard to use to his full potential. He does a TON of DPS when used by a pro. And Cabot is still glorious.

Assault, yes, Medic as well- to a lesser extent.


I agree. But is there a real reason to use him in high level play? Your losing all the benefits of Sunny and Hank. Sunny helps the team out much more, and can possibly do the same damage with mini nuke. AND her universal, jetpack which can be used offensively or defensively. Maybe if Buckets damage was FAR better than sunny, that would make,sense. But his,damage isn’t worth it forvthe utility of the others.
And cabot has turned into a all or nothing hunter. Especially with his railgun which is outclassed by all other support weapons, and damage amp that is good, but his only weapon to redeem himself.

And medic, laz and val are both liabilites.


I’d take Bucket if I was confident in the ability of my team to survive and end it quickly. Cabot is a safer pick, because you can use the Amp to scare off Monsters very quickly, and Hank is always good. Sunny is good too, but her Drone is kind of retarded.


Holy crap i just realized he is right, technically, he did say trapper XD daisy slight slow down and all trapper hunters are 100% balanced


Perhaps. But I still feel they can be tweaked so they are all on par, and all excel at what they do. Because I feel any good monster would take advantage of bucket or laz for example. Even val. I feel they could be balanced more to where everyone can use who they want. Because now, if you face good monsters, characters like val and bucket become a liability. And that kinda saddens me because I like the characters, but I know there is a character simply better than them.


I disagree five hundred per cent that Val is not as good, but I’m not going to argue it here. ^.^


As far as comparing them to each other balance goes, probably.


All assaults are good except for the new Markov. Still does good damage, but no reason to not pick the other three assaults which do great damage


Yeah I forgot to mention that the assault has a good balance. Although like you said, Markov has no use compared to the rest of the assaults.


I understood the health reduction and arm time to the mines, but the damage? really? If they kept his damage on those mines he would probably be balanced along with the others minus op torvald


lol awesome joke, if you pay attention, the new T4 assault outdamages all other assaults


I know I have him elited, I said all assaults are good not balanced. So don’t tell me to pay attention maybe you should read my posts. Torvald does great damage, insanely great which is why’ll probably be nerfed


not trying to start something, but im just reading what you said “all assualts are good except new markov ect”, if you posted other stuff on other topics, well its your fault i havnt read them lol


Then don’t tell me to pay attention when you don’t bother to read my posts. thank you


um, but i will tell you to pay attention, thats how we learn :smiley:


Trapper for the most part is in a good spot, there main issue right now is there CC is weak against Kraken due to the changes to his flight speed not being slowed anymore. I can’t really say one Trapper is better than the other since they’re surprisingly all pretty viable.

Medic, it’s still Caira if you’re serious about going against a skilled Monster player. Not factoring in Slim since he’s still new.

Support, all of them are viable except Bucket. He’s only a troll pick if you’re bored with the other characters or only a die-hard fan. He’s too slow to produce results and is inconsistent.

Assault is similar to Trapper, they’re all at a decent place, BARELY seen Markov since the nerfs, IMO he was in a good place and at the time every other Assault just needed tweaks to match him, not NERF him and then buff the other characters. Markov was picked every game because he was the only decent Assault, not because he was OP.


RIP Markov, nerfed by the people who didn’t know how to not step into giant red glowing spheres.


yeah topic on trappers XD which are very balanced to my surprise


Noticed how in OP he’s talking about balanced class’ not just trappers. Someone should read instead of just looking at that first word of the title and then basing all your logic on that