Trapper Maneater Skin Pack!

looks awesome


Not my cup of tea, but at least there’s variety.

I just checked the store not that long ago. Pretty cool looking!

I like the purple with the Trapper green.


purple daisy

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Forgetting crow much? Purple gobi not gud enough?


Name doesn’t really fit these skins though, I thought it might be the name of a spider but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Uhhhhh @SledgePainter


I like how they keep adding new things to the store. Wish they would announce it though. The skins look pretty cool.


I guess it’ll be available tomorrow… Ugh, I don’t like that they still don’t include T4 skins in the skin packs or even sold separately. Disappointed not to have a Phoenix Slim or Leviathan Sunny, now no Maneater Gobi either. (It even says “works with: picture of Hunting Season Pass”)

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I’m already tapped out from buying Savage Kraken, Tiger Goliath, and Clownie Wraith! AGHH, must have every Daisy! Also, since it is a trapper skin pack…Gobi will be purple-fied too.

Nope, Gobi is not included in this pack. OG3 only.

hmm…well, that’s strange and disappointing.

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Yeah, I agree.

Gobi is not amused. image


Soo they finally made Barnie skins for daisy I see

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maggies SMG looks sick!

Purple daisy for the win! That looks so cool! The only hard part is I can only have one daisy skin per game :frowning: which to choose?

Oooo purple but I won’t buy this or any other skin or put any more money into this game for that matter until they fix all the dqmn bugs and server issues first!

I got the Maggie skins for $1.99 :blush:

Daisy is so cute : 3

Woo, purple. I’m into all these new skins. Can’t wait to see what they do for assault and kraken, but I’d very much like some T4 and behemoth skins.

A daisy skin that changes over time you say? you’re a genius!