Trapper + Laz and the dome


So, Im fine with the dome coming down when the trapper gets incapped. I think that’s a good thing. But when Lazarus is the medic, the monster can kill the trapper really easily since laz doesn’t heal like the other medics. Lazarus is kind of messed up in general but this really creates a big disadvantage for the hunters. So I’m thinking it should be changed so that the dome doesn’t go down until part of the way through the revive timer. That way he can actually be on even ground with Caira and Val as far as the dome goes.

So, any thoughts, opinions, dirty jokes, random yelling about nonsensical things or random comments?





Nope. Dome should go down the second trapper gets incapped which it does, Lazarus is meant for a different type of play style. AKA DPS not healing, such as Caira is more of a outheal damage and tank.


get a support cloacking the trapper, boom, no more problem. Hint : Shield Projector is a plus.


uuhhh… no… He spends most of his time hiding, not shooting the monster. His gun doesn’t do tons of damage on its own anyway, it just allows others to do more damage.


Exactly, you obviously haven’t played with an experienced team and are probably just a pug. Those hit points combined with sentry guns or shotguns w/super soldier can end a monster in 30 seconds. You are under the broad assumption all Lazarus hunters “hide” well sorry bud but you are 100% wrong, you don’t know the various strategies with Lazarus because he can actually create massive advantages with the hunters that Caira and Val cannot.


Lazarus isn’t a medic he’s the savior once everyone goes down he can swoop in and reclaim the win.

I just had a game against a Kraken at the relay and my team all went down like twice each and the monster player just didn’t even attack me so I revived them, cloaked and kept distance then dodged when he finally did go for me.
Revived assault who took the last bit of its health and bam.

I was playing with absolutely terrible hunters and carried the whole team to victory because Lazarus is…he’s just awesome.


Lazarus can turn a game around pretty fast. The key is to play distance, and I mean distance, because his sniper is silent and will not alert to where he is, but his healthbar/name will. Also, rushing into rez a downed person is stupid. You are better off laying into him with your sniper and the remaining individuals because he will camp the body until it dies. You can still rez them if they are completely dead, you just have a time limit (I think like 45 seconds). So keep damaging the monster so he leaves the downed body and has to run to escape, where you can then proceed to rez the dead person.

I see too many people try to insta rez a downed individual where they are then found by the monster and focused killed. If you just wait a while and do more damage to monster, he will either flee or take enough damage to where subsequent attacks will be devastating.


Alright. because I was asking how to play Lazarus. Thanks.


Point is Laz can almost instantly revive anyone if the dome stayed up that’d be massively OP while in the dome the monster is going to be fighting it’s hardest anyway.

You might revive the trapper but find the assault and support are dead anyway meaning you have zero chance of winning.

As Lazarus if the Trapper goes down, you want the monster to run away so you can either revive people or wait for them to drop down.


Trappers with Lazarus have to play a completely different game… Potentially.

I tend to play trapper normal for the first dome but if it’s clear the monster is going to focus me then it’s my responsibility to change it up. This really requires good team work, but then I’d say that’s true of all Lazarus comps.

Don’t dome straight away, especially using pincer tactics, try to bait in to a fight, and if you do dome try keep out sight.

Lazarus on the team means it’s a war of attrition as standard, play it as such