Trapper kit idea and Medic Kit idea


Trapper “Tarr Zandei”

Primary Weapon: Multifire Crossbow (Shot can be arked over some walls depending on distance and angle of shot)

Secondary: Bola gun (Firing this weapon and landing a successfull hit on the monster slows the monster down until he stops completely unless the monster swipes the rope off fast enough)

Tertiary: Ropewire launcher (Shoots a rope from one platform to another which the hunters can use to travel from one side of the rope to the other without losing jetpack, the maximum distance of a rope is 45m and the rope can be cut by a monster. Depending on which side of the rope you move from you get more speed for the duration of trip ie: You come from the top platform downwards and you get a big boost to speed)

Trapper Dome: What sets this particular trapper apart is that the dome is not only thrown but can be planted to one location where if the monster runs/Jumps/warps/Flies/Rolls over it then it will be set off and trap the monster within the dome.

The hunters have a maximum of 20 Seconds to get to the dome before it drops down. If they reach it in time then the dome remains for the full duration if not then the dome drops and the normal cooldown is applied to the dome.

The dome functions the same as any other once activated, if you manage to trigger it after jumping across from it and you jump again you can escape it depending on terrain.

If the trapper decides to throw the dome then the trap dome vanishes meaning you cannot get domed twice in a row ever.

Medic “Michael los Archer”:

Primary Weapon: The spear Eidolon: Fires a laser from the tip of the spear at the target that deals damage consistantly over time without a need for reload. This ability charges Michaels shield ability.

The laser is a consistant beam that needs to be targeted and fired.

Secondary Ability: Passive Health Regeneration field: Michaels suit is a experimental weapon designed to combat wars of attrition. Michael and any ally within a certain radius of Michael regenerate health at a advanced rate regardless of damage being dealt. This ability short-circuits when he gets downed and only his allies end up getting the benefit of the field for the duration of the down.

Third Ability: Shield Globe: When activated it creates a immovable shield around Michael and his allies which stops monster skills melee and abilities for the length of the shield. The shield lasts 4 seconds and can be destroyed by the monster if he uses strong enough abilities to drain Michaels shield dry.

The ability can only be charged through the use of the spear and for the duration of the shield Michael himself cannot move. His suit gets overcharged by the energy and locked in place stopping him from moving.
Allies may freely move in and out of the shield and can fire out from the shield.

Note that the shield is like a DOME around Michael himself meaning that if another party member wants to get shielded then they better be near Michael for the effect.

Also the Shield does not recharge through normal means. It has to be charged using the Spear in specific.

Class Ability: Heal Burst. Michael possesses the standard healburst of all medics.

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@Maddcow, merge?


LOLZ ebola gun :smiley:
but the dome won’t work ;-;


And why wouldnt the Dome work. Competetive capable people would more then make use of a trap dome.


They are making it so the trapper has to always be in the dome.
So if the dome activates without the trapper.


Yeah but the mechanics of a trap dome would be different from a normal one. It wouldnt be hard to code it in.


Shameless self bump. I feel these two kits have a lot of consideration value.


A medic with a shield…meh.

When you plant the dome you are still able to throw it? Seems way to op because you can cover two ways.


Correct. Assuming that you keep running around the same area and the trapper realizes this and sets up in preparation for the next time you decide to run through that alleyway or valley for example. You can still of course outrun a trap dome if your traversal and abilities allow for it in that specific location. IE: You jump down and the dome goes off and you jump again downwards giving your leap more gain.

If the dome goes off in a instant like that then the full cooldowns apply for the dome.

Also if you throw the Dome then the Trap vanishes in otherwords you wont get domed twice in a row ever.

I will edit my op for clarity.


I feel the trap dome is a tad OP as well it can just go off because you placed it outside the monsters sniff range at random and it well just stepped over it.

The medic feels like a good medic support hybrid. Is the DoT on the weapon an actual persistent thing after the one shot you get x ticks or is it like a continual laser effect where you only get damage when shooting.


It is a continous laser beam that you fire at the monster. Dot effects like poison still affect the weapon though so you may end up getting a bit more buck for your efforts.


Yes this is true if you placed it at random and the monster ran in to it while you are far away from it then it will fade long before you can actually benefit from it. The biggest benefit would only end up being that you know where the monster is exactly and that he wont be able to move around for 20 odd seconds.

The dome goes off only if you run by its center point of 20 or so odd meters meaning a bad trap might as well not be a trap at all.

The biggest benefit would be to experienced trappers who have managed to get tabs on the monster beforehand.


Cool it certainly does sound interesting. As to heal one needs to get close which means AoE heaven up until you see that leapsmash coming in then drop the shield(im assuming a 3point smash will destroy the shield) then to have everyone just get cloaked and split to corners of the dome.


Indeed or throw the shield up at against a weaker monster whose abilities dont immediatly destroy it and have the team clump together in the shield to deal damage to the mispositioned monster.


Its all ways nice to see skill based plays go well sometimes the mechanics to this game are a tad to simple.


Personal shield recharge trough dps is an excellent idea!


i think there are some really good ideas here , and worth looking into as they would change the dynamic of how the players work together , i like the rope idea and the planted dome trap , the spear gun is kool . and the medic dome is a very good idea as its good for the monster and the hunters. need more character ideas from the community so the devs can get an idea of how we think about the combat in the game! need more complex strategies , and maybe larger maps with more choke point designs


Gonna be brutally honest here:

The trapper doesn’t follow the usual paradigm of the 3 weapons being Damage, CC, and TRACKING.
This trapper’s got Damage, CC, and bonus utility. You would basically NEED Bucket on your team to have any chance of keeping track of a stealthy monster.
But then again, it would also depend on how spammable his Ropewire launcher was. If it was too spammable, the monster would have NO chance of getting away once it was actually found, especially with the LITERALLY halting bola.
I dunno, it seems too ‘balance fragile’, being either absolutely worthless, or ridiculously OP.

Onto the Medic:
Shield on a medic is already kind of iffy at best, especially seeing as he also protects HIMSELF. Making it recharge on weapon use is also kind of pointless because it’s the ONLY ‘useable’ weapon he has. His ‘main’ healing is passive, his healing burst is click to use, and I assume the shield is also click to use. Literally the only weapon he can use is his Eidolon, and he then gets rewarded for using it. If it’s reload time/capacity were too short/big, then he’d get rewarded for doing his ‘only’ active job, but if they were to long/low, then he’d spend large amounts of time doing nothing waiting for his only active ability to recharge.
Plus comboing an AOE shield with an AOE passive healing (and active AOE healing burst) basically means that if your team is low on health, you get ‘free’ healing + protection for 4 seconds. Even if he was the only one actually injured, it would still be difficult to do anything. His passive healing would need to be almost non existent for him to actually have any balance whatsoever.
Also, would his passive healing still work on OTHER downed hunters? Cos if so, you’d be able to get other hunters up without doing anything at all, but if not, you’d have no ‘safe’ way to get hunters up and he’d end up being literally useless once a hunter actually goes down, giving the monster free kills once anyone was downed.
Slim is basically the same Medic design as this one, but (sorry) better thought out. He’s got more than one useable weapon, his ‘passive’ healing requires some thought and useage, and actually has counterplay to it. He’s got a way to protect his allies and himself without it just being a shield, and he’s rewarded for hitting his main weapon without it being his ONLY option.

HOWEVER, the rope idea on the trapper is neat, albeit kind of hard to balance. Could be great on a Support, or on a Trapper instead of their CC ability (but not instead of their tracking ability)
The trapping dome’s a decent idea, but being able to EITHER throw or plant OR throw it would make it SO hard for a monster to deal with. If it’s in an area with only 1-2 exits, they could plant an arena on one side and then run to the other. If you had a trapper who could ONLY plant domes (that couldn’t be detected), it could open up some interesting interactions where you’re playing mindgames with the monster. It COULD be overpowered on any non-hunt mode, though (Imagine trying to play Rescue but getting caught in a stream of domes…). I guess it could be capped at like, 10-15 seconds only unless the TRAPPER (not just any hunter) gets inside the dome, where it changes to 60 seconds ‘max’ and gave it a ‘global cooldown’, where once it activates, the others can’t activate for 1 minute after the dome drops. Probably make it a different colour and play a beeping countdown sound or something until the Trapper gets inside to let the monster know it’s ‘safe’ in the dome.


Thanks for the feedback gives me something to think about!


Please put the trapper with no form of tracking in the game so i can have free wins.

Also not to sound harsh but these sound more like something for a rpg or a moba, not a fps.