Trapper Idea


Hey i just wanted to see if you guys like the idea with Trapper riding on daisy?
Like it would give 15% movement speed.
I think it would be a good idea.

Also i have this idea when Trapper dies you can control Daisy.


The thought of Trapper (or any hunter for that matter) being able to ride Daisy if they are the last one standing, would be pretty neat…and doable with Daisy’s size. And they what if they could control where Daisy goes? Brilliant. It’s something to improve Daisy being the last one left alive, at least, and just standing there waiting for death. Her flee ability, when it does kick in, is pretty good. Problem is it usually kicks in too late or is signaled when the moster is already closing in and there’s no way she can escape. What if when the last hunter is left standing an option comes up to get on Daisy and then you control where she heads, and she goes into flee mode? There’s something interesting to ponder.


Yeah because when i played alpha, i often noticed daisy fucking arround. Not helping haha :smiley: so would be awesome to take control on daisy when the trapper dies?

I also like the idea. When daisy finds tracks of the monster she will call out to hunters. Would be pretty cool


I noticed in some fights she also cowered with her tail down and back arched…I was like… Aww poor Daisy!


She’s so scared haha