Trapper Guide: Maggie Tips


TL/DR: Don’t read this unless you want to learn about some of the finer aspects of playing Maggie.

I haven’t been seeing too much love for Maggie in high level and/or competitive play (though we did see a good number of Maggies in this Sunday’s ESL qualifiers). Talking with some friends, I think it is more a matter of people not understanding exactly how her kit combines to become just as effective a trapper–if not more so–than the other three.

Thought I would give some tips out, as a mostly Maggie main on Xbox One.

Daisy-fun dog…thing. Looks great in Arctic Camo. Extremely finicky to use as a tracking tool on rough terrain. If there are no bird signs when dropping from the ship and/or no tracks or an obvious false trail, wait the extra 4 seconds for Daisy to pick up a scent. From here have your minimap up to gauge the direction you need to cut to get to the monster.

Remember, Daisy typically follows tracks unless you are way off distance wise, so you should rarely be right behind her. If you see Daisy cutting left around a pillar with only one direction to come out of on the other side, cut right with your support and let assault and medic flush the monster to you. Daisy will stop once you leave her area-of-following and howl, but it will take her a bit of time to catch back up with you. Use this time to have your support cloak up as when following Daisy she always runs right ahead of the cloaking field (annoying as hell).

When Daisy stops to sniff the ground, the monster is within a small distance to you, usually sneaking. Jetpack dodge forward twice and throw the dome, and you will often land it unless the monster is actively evading.

Inside a dome, let Daisy get revives by baiting monsters away from bodies as much as possible. Unfortunately, though, Daisy has a very large self-preservation mechanic that will cause her to stop a revive if a monster is near her, even if not attacking. Competent monster players will always be able to get Daisy off of a body without using any abilities, so keep this in mind depending on your opponent.

Harpoon Traps-choke points, choke points, choke points. It is very important to look at your minimap when chasing a monster to anticipate where it may double back. Place harpoons every now and then to not only slow down a juking monster, but also give away its location when a trap is triggered. When outside a dome, focus on putting traps in hard to see places, or better yet, within a bird pile. If the monster gets snared, he will likely set off the birds getting the harpoon off.

When inside a dome, harpoon traps become the bane of every monsters temper. Placement is critical. Spread harpoons out in key spots that are both hard to hit and hard to see by the monster. Edges of cliffs, bases of cliffs, dark corners, etc. are all great spots. It is especially annoying to goliaths and behemoths when a trap triggers as they are climbing up or jumping up to clamber an edge only to slowly fall right back down. Avoid landing multiple harpoons on one monster. Despite the game’s opening cinematic, a single monster melee will often break all of your carefully laid harpoons, negating their effectiveness.

Coordinate with Hank via pings to create a harpoon/orbital trap for ultimate punishment:

Machine Pistol-a grossly misunderstood weapon. This gun is capable of high damage when used correctly (albeit nothing does more damage than Crows Kinetic rifle). Depending on monster movement and size, the gun should never be fired full auto when more than 10 meters away from a monster. To ensure maximum precision and the least bullet spread, fire in quick bursts while continuously pressing the left trigger. In many instances, you will auto-lock onto the head of the monster, and can deal a lot of damage from peppering. Combined with a Val crit on the head, you can melt a whole bar of health in one magazine.

Exception to the above is behemoth, within 30 meters you can fire away and have almost all bullets land their target.

When monster is 50 meters or more away, continue to pepper and spam left trigger to still do decent damage without putting yourself at risk. The machine pistol also has infinite range (oddly), so use this to your advantage when camping on “god spots” such as the tower of power on Weather Control during a stage three relay fight.

Finally, do your best in combat to alternate placing harpoons and dealing damage. It is very important when swapping to not blindly shoot a harpoon for it to only get destroyed by AoE attacks before it even arms, therefore wasting everyone’s time. On screen I often look like I am spazzing out constantly searching for ideal harpoon trap locations in a fight! :smile:

Hope this guide helped, sharing some T1 love here, Val, Markov, and Hank are not forgotten!

Maggie Strategy, Tips and Advice Thread

excuse me? but how do u mean that`?


Exactly how it sounds. When you spam the aim-down-the-sights trigger, you will auto lock on the monster if your reticle is within a certain distance. If you yourself are within a certain distance to the monster, you will auto-lock to the head.


oh console aim assist


This was awesome, very helpful tips!