Trapper escaping dome


is the trapper suppose to be abel to dart out of the dome leaving the monster inside? Because I have seen it as a hunter, and I just got trapped that way as the monster. The trapper was last hunter, and maggie just threw the dome and darted out… I personally do not think this should be possible, because when you throw the dome, where you placed it is in the center. If some of Goliath’s leaps don’t make it out of the dome when Goliath is away from the center, how is it that a trapper can just dart out? Is this an intended game mechanic? That’s what I really want to know. If it is, fine… Though it’s extremely cheap. If it’s an exploit, then it needs to be fixed… Because I don’t want put a ton of effort into the fighting competent hunters to the last hunter, take permanent health damage, only to be stuck in a dome while trapper frolicks around probably laughing his or her ass off until the hunters respawn… Yeah, I could wipe out trapper and avoid that altogether. And I usually do… but certain hunter combos don’t allow you take oout the trapper without taking some damage to health. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a another post about this already? If there is, this one can be removed. I just couldn’t find an existing post.


It is a known bug. There is a fix in the works.

And I totally agree, that is a really frustrating exploit.




Okay, good to know it’s an exploit. I literally just quit a game because I killed all the hunters, and the trapper domed me, darted ouut before it was set… And it wasn’t like I was mad or anything… I just realized it and quit, because I am not wasting my time. A shame too, because they were a good bunch to play against… and one of them just had to ruin it.


Exploit? Bug? That’s what we call escaping into freedom now? O tempora - O mores!


i did that one lmao. its was hard to do and i could only do it once


Same - it was a misplaced dome when I broke our prison.


Well there’s a video of it on youtube… This guy doesn’t seem to have any trouble doing. he uses it to prevent the monster and the minions from proceeding to the next generator in Defend…


I do this when there is no hope for my team. Plox don’t patch.

I also do this to punish monsters who run from me for 19 minutes stage 3 and thought they could just turn it around last second.


I do the same lol run and waste my time ?? Sit and think about it


Well I am already wasting time playing a game, since it’s not anything productive or significant in my life. But speaking of time, I am sure a trapper escaping the dome could cause the timer to go down and run out if it to the last of the match, which, again, would be cheeap. My point is, I am not going to spend 10-20 minutes running and fighting only to lose because of an exploit. Now, If i get my ass harpooned by the trapper so much that enough time goes by for their team members to respawn, and if I defeated, i will take the lost. I have no problem losing, because it is a video game… But if hundreds of people are going to bitch about wraith escaping domes with their traversal and monsters relying on the dome audio cue to escape, then anyone can complain about this too… There’s difference between playing a match and enjoying it, wasting time through some enjoyment, and wasting time in a match where you know an exploiter is… Because then I know he’s going to do it all the time, and what hell am I suppose to do in a dome for however long it takes. Now, if I was hacker, and could simply put on a hack and ghost the dome, then I wouldn’t be complaining. But I am not a hacker, and I can ghost through a dome as the monster. So yeah. But hey, if doesn’t get patched eventually, and people keep doing, it’s no big deal because it’s just a video game. Haha


I find this to be a useful tactical maneuver, not an exploit, since it is very situational. You need to be above the ground to perform it, and yet there is no guarantee it will work 100% of the time. Besides, this trick gives a chance for a trapper to escape if he is the last man standing. If this is removed, trapper will be the only class that cannot counter the monster 1vs1 and survive until reinforcements arrive. At this moment support has cloak, medic has self heal and assault has the shield, all of which can help win several seconds while escaping and potentially change the match outcome. Granted, these abilities do not give a 100% chance of survival, but can be effectively used against noob and average monsters in case the hunter team makes a lot of mistakes. Therefore, I believe that dome escape is a valid tactic and should be left as is.

Tips from "pro" Abe players to a Newbie

It’s EXTREMELY hard to pull off. I don’t call it an exploit or bug, just a skill.

I can’t do it myself, not even close. If I were a monster and someone domed me and escaped, hats off to them that’s damn impressive.


It is not a bug, it just has to do with the timing of the dome. Fair game I say against wraith players.


Its even harder on consoles too.


I’m glad they’re fixing this. Plenty of game breaking bugs are difficult to pull off.


No class is suppose to last 1v1 against a monster to begin with, and I don’t know about you, but I have ran into some trappers who are pretty darn good at seeting up those harpoons anticipitating my pathway to them. A good trapper can survive. if it happens early in the game where I have taken little no damage, that’s fine, because it makes no difference to me. but after losing a good chunk of my health to the point where all 4 hunters being there means I’ll lose, and then getting stuck in the dome with while the trapper escapes it… Is pretty freaking cheap. Like I put all damn effort into destorying the other hunters, I deserve to fairly kill the last hunter… Every player goes down hard 1v1. any assasult I can just smack and pounce them until their shield wears off, then finish them off with an ability. Supports cloak is trackable. but trappers can stragically place harpoons to stall the monster long enough for the rest to respawn… That dome escape has no counter if pulled off. All you can do is sit there, watching the trapper run away, and you can just think about your sad Goliath life. That’s pretty much it. Haha.


I almost lost to this cheap trick the other night.


Well when he threw the dome, I thought "is he trying to dart out of dome… That can’t really be possible. Wait, how’s he all the way over there… Shit, he did escape the dome. " is shouldn’t happem though. There are times where a monsters traverdal won’t allow an escape of the dome when there not even a the center… So a trapper should not be able to get enough distance out from the center from a logical stand point. I will never attempt such a thing anyways, because I am not a hunter player, so how difficult it is is irrelevant to me… and if it isn’t fixed, I am sure the tactic will be learned soon enough by all trappers, considering there is already a video on it.


i probably would have lost to the cheap trick… Since I didn’t have enough health to fight a full group of hunters with 3 them only having one strike, and medic consisted of Lazarus. Just wasn’t going to happen. now, I don’t quit games on rage, but that particular trick just discouraged me from playing with that group of hunters who I thought were fun to against, so I left… And I will leave a again if another trapper does it and I know it’s unfair. Again, if happens when I have a lot of health and time, then whatever, I’ll just wreck them eventually…or get wrecked whichever. I wish one monster had a dome of it’s own that he could just dart oout of, so that way I bubble off the whole team of hunters, and I can just wail on the power Relay as they stay trapped helplessly. I am sure many hunters would love that… Just kidding, I wouldn’t really want a monster with that avbility. Haha.