Trapper Dome Looks

What does everyone else think, should we get different dome colors, patterns, effects, etc?

I want to have a purple dome, with black shadows fading along the edge of the outside of the dome itself. I think domes would look so amazing. Dark colors in general are my favorites, I would love to have some options on colors of domes at least. Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Grey, Silver (Silver is one of the only light colors I like), etc.

Or does everyone think this would take attention away from the battle, and should not be implemented? Should we just have slight color variations, to keep from distraction, or should we just keep the blue color/pattern? Would everyone like having a green falling wall of colors, like in the Matrix, on the outside of the dome? Do some thinking, keep open minded, and let me know what you think. But, be sure to imagine your idea’s first, and picture it in your head.


I want a flamboyant, sparkly, rainbow dome.

But then, … the hunters would just give up the hunt and start partying instead…


I don’t know, I just can’t get past the idea of how amazing falling code from Matrix would be on the dome. Colors start at the top of the dome, spread out, and begin to fall, constantly replacing themselves. I wish there was a way for me to take the pictures out of my head, and show you what I want. >.<

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With darude sandstorm and monster as the DJ


Don’t worry, I have a pretty good idea of what you mean. It’d be neat!

But I still want rainbow dome first and foremost. C:<

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I think they should be skins in the store. I would like a shiny silver colour :smile:

I don’t mind if there is a colorful dome, I like dark, faded, ominous colors though. Everyone has their preferences, so I say we should get all sorts of colors. I would pay another 10 dollars for 1 dome color, they could make allot of money selling dome variations, like what TF2 did with hats. You don’t have to buy it, and you’re able to pick specifically what you want. Replace the colors, and watch the community get happy about it.

That’s what i’m thinking, put dome variations in the store, like skins.

@MultiDavid What’s up with Darude Sandstorm, and everyone liking it so much?

I mostly go for darker colours too ( carnivore skins are my favourite! But I also really like the elite albino skins ) but there’s something so ironic about a rainbow dome. It’s supposed to be -threatening- for the monster, something where people will die or get badly hurt-- yet it’s so pretty and flashy and sparkly. Just like Rainbow Road.

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Don’t ask me, but it looks cool.

I like the Bog skin more personally, because I love the idea of camouflage. Allot of different things come into play for me, making me like some things more than others.

I love Wendigo Wraith. Something about the Medlab map and a Wendigo monster… looks so good!


Must say, I actually really like this idea and think it could probably be easily implemented.

What say you @MacMan ? Any chance or a purple dome :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Wendigo is nice, the pattern of the skin is what’s so interesting. The artwork is amazing for these monsters.

Any favourites?

Swamp, I own Magma atm though. I am about to buy the Swamp soon though, for all 3 monsters.

Yeah I bought all 3 monster skin packs… They’re just so cool! I got the magma pre-order and Magma Wraith is pretty sweet too!

Stuff like this should be on Elite characters because let’s face it nobody goes through that grind if they don’t want to show of their achievement. Green domes, blue fire for Hyde etc etc

I think different game effects would be tight but I hope they also change the functionality of each character class skill… like maybe the 5 through 7 tier have domes that are smaller but deploy immediately… making it both harder to dome… And more dangerous for the hunters in a close proximity… but lowering the chance of a. Monster dashing out post dome deploy…

I think this could be interesting

Add a disco ball for extra party potency!

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