Trapper dome changes


Alright so we’ve had the dome changes for a little while and it without a doubt makes doming and playing trapper easier
I was mostly curious to other people’s opinions on them the pros and the cons life for example
I think the pros are more fighting and less running around hoping the monster goes into a choke and being forced to wait while your team flushes
While a con might be that it takes considerably less skill(although it still takes some skill)


I think a con is getting too comfortable being able to dome a monster whenever which can lead to bad dome spots.


tbh. I think beeing tapper now is soo easy, although <40 lvl players having still problems.

I main trapper and I still rember the good old times before the wraith was nerved the first time, because at this time beeing a trapper needs a lot of diverse skill against good monsters.
Now everyone can trap and as a monster you are not able to escape anymore, if you play against a moderate team, which I think is bad…
But probably this was just another counter-measure of TRS against boredom or tremendous losses of teams with bad trappers…


Eh. I don’t really mind it. It feels like it doesn’t take that much skill regardless if it’s insta dome or not. I like that it “forces” fighting a bit, but I’m not too bothered by it.


i dont like the new dome at all.

it doesnt require skill at all and if u manage to close loops say good bye monster.
1 dome stage 1 and another dome stage 2 = rip.

together with most broken wildlife spawn i sometimes end up in 2 stage 1 domes not even ready to stage up.


I like it. There’s more chances to engage and not having to run so much. While a lot of pub Monsters still run as usual, the 1 second dome is a nice change to have them smack into a dome wall.