Trapper Crow and his lovely owl that see everything


The new trapper Crow has kinda ruined alot of the fun for me as monster :frowning:

One of the funniest thing in this game for me was to hide in a bush when the hunters got too close! and it used to work quiet well i might add :smile:

But this stupid bird ruined everything for me, there is just no hidding in plain sight anymore.
It seems alittle too easy just to throw the bird out nonestop with no real cooldown either.

Im fine with the idea that it scout in a straight path infront of you. but it shouldnt scout everything around you aswell.
Maybe it shouldn’t scout anything before it’s 50m away from you ? i dont know how to fix it but something like that would help alot i think.

it ‘was’ really funny to play the hide and seek while on top of the hunters before at stage 1 due to the small hitbox, but now it is just almost impossible and has ruined it for me atleast :frowning:
also make hidding ina dome extremely hard.

Maybe im wrong ?


Change ya Strats :wink:


Daisy did that to.


You couldn’t do this before if the Hunters had Maggie as the Trapper. You won’t be able to do it in the same way now with Griffin as they buffed his sound spikes to detect sneaking monsters in a 15m radius. All I want to say is that Crow does not change anything that has not been already the case with other Trappers in the game (apart from Abe :laughing: )


To be honest, I think there’s already a minimum distance before Gobi triggers.

During a dome, I often throw out Gobi so the monster gets marked and sometimes it ends up not marking the monster.


What is the radius? I’ve seen monsters juke Gobi and crow so much in the last two days even after being spotted.


You would be surpriced how many times pug groups disregruards daisy when she is stand still at a bush.

myala what does that have to do with anything ?

MrFireFuchs soundspike doesnt see me if i dont move, and it is not like he can soundspike the whole map.

ChimEchanga it is not about changing tactic, this was insanely fun before. that “fun factor” is gone

Chirimorin if there is a minium is like 1 meter :slight_smile:


Can you out run them?


Only with Crow, and only if he shot his bird at you.(Or with a good Daisy team)


I dont know how to explain it in any other way… this is not about getting away, winning, ambushing, etc…

This is about something that was REALLY fun! and due to this new hunter that everyone use more or less, that is gone. now we are back to boring run to china tactic.


people will play him less and less as time pass.

Everyone have hunters that they hate to fight.


I can totally relate. What bugs me the most is that I see that I’m tricking the hunter (hiding in a tunnel while they are passing above me and goign straight), then Gobi’s out and I’m revealed. Which is stupid because even if he works with echolocation, I’m not moving and there IS A GODDAMN ROCKWALL BETWEEN HIM AND ME.


it just take out a really fun element out of the game!

a real shame imo :disappointed:

I dont understand why there isn’t more people that seem to get that.
True… he might be played less in the future, but i highly doubt that atm if he remain in his current state.


cabot + val + crow = you are a walking christmas tree most time of the game.


The Trapper can find the monster!

This is not fun! Same with the assault! he is actually able to kill me! :frowning:


His current state is similar to Abe or Griffin. Finding you early game takes a bit but once he’s onto you then he is able to keep tabs on you.


Nothing to do with yours. It was in response to the one above mine. I have seen gobi not see a monster while in a dome also so I think it might have a much smaller area if sight. I wanted to see if anyone knew it.


The accuracy is just insane. However I think Daisy’s accuracy has a lot to be desired as well, from a monster’s point of view at least. I shouldn’t be getting detected if I’m sneaking in a bush, or below a tree… No animal has eyes good enough to warrant x-ray vision. This has nothing to do with it being a “fantasy” game. This is simply game breaking.

Then again, this game was designed to feel like a boss fight. In other words… Designed to give hunters a “challenge”, but in any boss fight you’ll notice that the hunters usually win.