Trapper: Completly other Skin/costume (gasmask,...)?


Hey guys,

i saw a Trapper (i think it was) in a game playing with us, with a completly different costume/skin. He had a gasmask and a helmet like the german soldiers in ww2. He was completly different. First i thought it was the elite skin, but the elite skin changes only the appearance of the weapons. So what was it?


You were seeing the Ebonstar soldier bug in action…


Ah, the bug is indeed weird. I ended up as it once. It was basically Parnell’s shotgun, Hyde’s machine gun and a bubble shield. But technically I was the Support guy. I got points in Support at the end of the match even though my abilities were a conglomeration of Assault abilities. Also just had a match where we didn’t have a trapper since our trapper was basically that guy. So we had no way to trap the monster and daisy just stood still without reviving or hunting.