Trapper Character Idea

Character Name:Ghost (Working on it, need advice)
Home Planet:Shear
Primary Weapon: Multitool Rifle
Primary Firing Mode(Left click): Rapid fire that deals moderate damage. 30 bullet capacity.
Secondary Firing Mode(Right click):Shoots a dome of enhanced energy, increasing all damage done when stepped in. One shot, have to reload everytime.

Secondary Weapon: Anti-Mobility Mine
Low damage deployable mine that sets on throw. If the monster steps on it, it will explode and slow the monster (won’t affect ability movement) %60 for 5 seconds.

Special Ability: (Note: This is a crazy idea, so no harsh comments please) Pet Wraith
Ghost’s pet Wraith, Destiny. Destiny can do melee attacks, do a weakened (EXTREMELY WEAKENED) Warp Blast attack, and can use Supernova (Smaller range, only affects Destiny). Destiny hasn’t got any armor, and has a health value of 1850(a bit more than a regular Hunter). Destiny will follow Ghost everytime, and she can revive hunters. She can’t stall time for the dropship though. She will follow monster tracks (Ghost’s a trapper after all), take shortcuts, and roar when she sees the Monster.(Pretty much like Daisy) Note: I want to improve Destiny, if you have any ideas, please comment.

Class Ability: Planet Scanner
Classic Trapper Class ability.

Ghost was only 12 when Shear was overrun by monsters. Monsters killed the colony, and his family. Ghost hated Monsters after that day, and he swore to take revenge. He was the only survivor left, so Ghost took a rifle and he escaped into the jungle, only to find a Wraith Egg. The egg hatched in front of Ghost, came out a baby Wraith. Not affected by the Monster hivemind, the Wraith didn’t attack Ghost. Ghost tried to pull the trigger and kill the Wraith, but he couldn’t. He left the Wraith there, and walked away. When he looked at his back, he saw the Wraith following him. Then he thought of turning Monsters aganist each other (kids have very good imagination,right?) and decided to take care of the Wraith. Ghost killed some wildlife, and let the Wraith feed. They were bond at that moment. The two hunted and killed many monsters together. When Ghost realised his fate was written with the Wraith, he named the Wraith Destiny. They lived in Shear’s jungle for eight years. They later found out William Cabot’s Hunter crew. The desire to take revenge forced the two the join the crew. And they are killing monsters one by one, searching for the one who killed his colony.

I know this is very crazy, but it was my idea. Hope you enjoy!

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Yeah, homie, no offense, but your lore is SERIOUSLY off.

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I know. Told you, need advice.

I need to know what he looks like :cry:

First off, monster eggs aren’t real eggs.

Second, we don’t know that they have a hive mind.

Third, the monsters showed up on Shear about a couple of weeks before the events of the game.

Destiny’s entire existence is impossible.

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I like the ideas, but as rapterror said they are quite a bit off with regards of the lore that is in the game atm. Then again we do have character variations which all seem like they are a bit more from the future where the old characters adapted and changed their kit.

In regards to balance: The dmg amping ability is cool because it’s more of and area denial tool but I think it’s not healty to have Cabot with the amp, Rabe with the 1.2x dart and this guy with some more amping - it can just become a steamroll situation one way or the other…
Didn’t really completely understand your idea with the mines, do they slow down the traversal and movement but not for instance Charge? …and the “has Daisy but she’s a small wraith” idea seems kinda cheesy because we already have Maggie and Waggie.

I also think Destiny instead of having a warpblast and supernova can have an abduct which she uses when the monster is 20-50m away from you and just brings him in front of you. To not make this imbalanced this ability can have a cooldown of 5 seconds. Also while shes doing it she can use the “GET OVER HERE!” line from Scorpion from Mortal Combat :smiley: Yeah, now that I’m thinking about it she can also have a super nova and the mortal combat music starts when it’s deployed XD