Trapper character design


Here is a hunter design i painted in photoshop, what do you think? :smiley:.


I love your artistic ability…your skills are awesome…but i just can’t really get into this character concept. He seems too trollish and gross for me. Looks kinda like he might turn traitor and help the monster kill the other hunters lol.


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haha thanks for the nice reply!.



That comment actually made me laugh.

I agree. I love your art skills, but I would try to make him a little more appealing to the eye. Maybe the same route as Toad from X-men where he went from a gross, fat, midget with a soup bowl to a less gross villain.


There i made him look more appealing and even gave him a slime canon :smiley:.


Lol I sure wouldn’t want to kiss that face but we’re getting closer to a character I could see playing. :wink:


Yes, indeed, I wanna see some 1st or 2nd gen Basilisk Soldier monstrosity now. Especially after Torvald (I think) was talking about an old friend who was 1st gen and is now more monster than man. Imagine all the spliced DNA creatures. If they decide to stick with this IP for years to come, I’d love to see some kind of more traditional asymmetric multiplayer game during the Mutagen Wars with crazy mutant soldiers vs. normal Hub soldiers, ChemTroopers, Lazarus Men. For now, if you look at character design, the most interesting are like Bucket, Slim, Torvald - very different than normal humans - and I want more along those lines. Maybe another robot, another mutant (and a female Assault).

This guy reminded me of Shrek immediately… then Toad (I prefer the gross toady Toad not the ripped human Toad, kinda lame & mainstream-ified). I like the ambition of the idea, how different it is.


Doesn’t look like an Evolve character, more like DOTA/LoL.