Trapper can escape their own arena


I see more and more trappers doing this silly parlor trick where they trap the monster in the arena but manage to escape before it deploys. It’s a trivial thing to do and the people realize this, the more we will see it as a form of griefing. It can also be used to win the game as it can prevent the monster from attacking the relay if the 20:00 is almost up. Is this meant as a feature of the trapper or is it a bug that should be patched?


I’ve not seen it happen at all. Have you seen how they manage it? 'cause I’m 100% it’s unintentional.


You cannot effectively exit your own arena UNLESS a Goliath or Hank push you out of it.

It’s not a bug that way, it’s a feature. It is almost impossible (tried) to perform the stunt succesfully coordinating with Hank, as the Arena might not even support it, and Goliath is not likely to rock throw you so brilliantly.


I’ve seen a video in another thread and can confirm that I personally managed to do this (in a solo match, don’t worry)

You throw the dome, turn around and jetpack dash away as fast as you can. It’s not the easiest thing to do, but definitely possible.


I mean, okay, it’s not strictly speaking a bug, but I’m still vehement that it’s not intended to happen. If you’re gonna bring up semantics, we’ll call it an exploit instead.


I’m not trying to run semantics here, because I think that if it requires such a high-level cooperation, it’s supposed to work that way. We can call it an exploit if you want though, that works just fine with me.


It doesn’t require coordination though, it’s possible to do as a trapper without help from any other character.


One of the best aspects of 15-20 years ago, was how bugs got embraced a lot of the time, because people knew there was no patches/whatever coming. CvS2 Roll Canceling actually made people learn to deal with the glitch, which made people like the game more. At least competitively.


If it’s something that is possible but is not intended, it’s a bug. I am asking TRS if they consider it a bug or the product is working as designed. A trapper doesn’t need to coordinate with anyone to do this, he simply needs to be close to the monster. It’s very easy to do and easily repeatable.

Let me clarify: (s)he needs to be close to the monster to trap it, but then simply can jet pack away.


This isn’t 15-20 years ago, today bugs get patched. Maybe TRS doesn’t consider this a bug. If they do, I hope they patch it. If it’s intended for the trapper to have this ability, then I’d like to know. It seems way against the spirit of the game, but maybe it’s intended.


If it’s intended, it’s really bad design. Just trap the monster and go about your own way. Imagine games in nest, rescue or defend (monster unable to attack/defend anything for the dome time)


And wrong you are.

It’s me in the video and can replicate this most of the time. You have to meet certain conditions, which I will not disclose for obvious reasons.


I know how they manage it and it is 100% intentional. I have replicated it myself after carefully watching a replay to understand what it necessary. Once you know how to do it, it’s very easy to accomplish. I have seen trappers use it to run out the clock strategically while they were the only person up.


I see what you did there, and that IS a bug. Most certainly.

I meant the situations where the Traper outright ends outside the dome because of Vortex and other abilities, where it’s completely legit.