Trapper Cabot?


We still have 4 hunter variants left Bucket/Laz/Hyde/Cabot. We’re missing another Trapper to make the numbers even.

I see Cabot’s damage amp being turned into a stasis beam. Just fire it at the monster and it will be slowed with soft cc. His downside being that he can’t deal damage and have soft cc unlike Abe/Crow

His dust cloud is already a perfect tool for a trapper, not sure how they could change it

His Rail Canon will cripple the monster on hit and provide a slow target debuff, downside being that he can’t penetrate objects anymore

And finally the most important thing: what will his nickname be?


only 4 hunters left? You do know they are going to make all hunter variants and monster variants right?


They were planning on just doing Tiers 1/2/3. Tier 4/5 being dlc in Legacy would make it unfair for people who brought it. I’m not sure if they are doing Tier 4/5 now though


Trapper Cabot?

His 3’s already pretty intuitive, what might his 1 and 2 be?


They are they kinda have too. there making a behemoth and gorgon variant so why not make the hunter variants too? Plus they said before they would make a sixth tier (not confirmed) they would want to all other characters a variant.


So we can run double Parnell and double Cabot !


That would actually be an amazing team comp :smile:


I’ve been going with Cabot being the Trapper, while everyone else thinks it’ll be Bucket. Thank you for believing in me. :heart:


I had a similar idea.

  1. Cabot’s Railgun - Cabot’s Railgun will function normally; however, if you hit the monster and the shot hits a wall (not the ground/floor) within 10-15 meters it will tether a harpoon from the monster to the wall. Likewise if it penetrates a wall and hits the monster within 10-15 meters it will also tether a harpoon leading from the wall to the monster. The downside is the Railgun now takes 6-7 seconds to reload and its damage is lowered to 100 if direct hit to the monster and 80 when the monster is shot through the wall.

  2. Cabot’s Dust - one of two options
    a.) functionality stays the same.
    b.) now has a lower cooldown and much smaller radius (20 second cooldown, 10 second duration once applied to monster, 5 second dust linger time) but now it becomes tranquing powder, has the same effect as Val’s tranq gun.

3.Cabot’s Damage Amplifier - increases the monster’s ability cooldowns and deals damage over time (roughly 5% cooldown increase, and 20 dmg/sec).

.4. Planet Scanner - one of two options
a.) acts as a normal planet scanner.
b.) will now launch Cabot’s Dust tagging at the monster’s current location and tag it for the entire team.

NOTE: values and functionality can be tweaked and i would like to hear more thoughts on the topic.


It’s just been confirmed that Cabot will be a Support.


They already added adaptations for Bob and Gorgonzola on trello. So tier 4/5 are coming as well



Railgun Cabbot?