Trapper Arena Bug


While I Was Playing Monster Today After Killing The Trapper The Arena Still Existed After Downing The Trapper The Animation Had Played But The Arena Wouldnt Go Away .


How Can Our Game Be Real When Our Capitals Letters Aren’t Real.

Honest response:
I had that happen but we had two trappers in the game because of a weird glitch. Other possible results are you got someone who wasn’t the trapper, or they didn’t actually go down. Without a video I can’t say.


baseD oN youR usernamE anD posT, I seE thaT yoU likE strangE casinG conventionS tO folloW. dO yoU likE minE?
</ trolling>



I did the same thing :wink:

It’s ok


I sEe tHIs is a bAd pROBLEm
lET’s cALl tHe dEVs



I’m not sorry.