Trapjaws- sounds bugging (PC- Stage 2)



As soon as I’ve spawned a pack of Trapjaws (well, those wolf things, I’m 90% sure those are trapjaws since they’re like Daisy) that eat your food, I keep hearing the same sound over and over through the match- all of them howling perfectly in sync. Just over and over, even when there are no Trapjaws within my smell radius (which, with my perk selection, is colossal) and it recurs every thirty to forty seconds.

I actually like it, adds to atmosphere, but I figured I’d report it anyway.


Recent changes made trap jaws inedible, it’s even in the patch notes, so it’s not a bug. Now they are more of a distraction than a meal. They also deal much more damage in a pack than any other wildlife causing them to be dangerous not only for hunters but also for monster. I’m not sure whether the sounds you mentioned are bugs or not but I assume it’s a game mechanic similar to spotters. Spotters give away a the location of monster while trap jaws give location of recent victim of monster since they are eating what monster have killed.


Oh, alright. My apologies, I seem to have missed that.

I’ll edit out the corpses part, but leave the sound bug. Thank you for telling me.