Trapjaw Monster


I’ve been trying to figure out what sort of Monster T5 will have… Since TRS seem very secretive and prefer to suprise us… Give or take…

Then I got an Idea with the thought of previous threads discussing how monsters could be splices of the Wildlife on Shear… i figured a Trapjaw themed Monster would be pretty entertaining. This isn’t a thread where I write a large block of text explaining abilities… It’s just to voice an idea.

Regardless, it would be a nice big friend for Daisy to frolic with in the blazing meadows of Shear.


Well. Until the monster eats daisy…


I really hate her


As a monster player, I would have to totally agree with you. Daisy is so stinking annoying…


Please refrain from making duplicate threads regarding the 5th monster. For discussion, please visit this link.