Trap / Lair based Monster


Just an idea would love to see a trap based Monster in the future.

A monster that has the ability to make a strong hold for him self, by using traps and area based abilities.

As we know we already have void, magma/earth, lightning and fire based creature this one can be poison based as many have already suggested.

The normal attack is not poison based but some of the abilities are.

has the fastest climb rate of all monsters.

has the ability to jump that is equal to that of Goliath. health and armor is at par with kraken.

when I imagine this monster I imagine it to be sort of arachnid creature.

Unlike other monsters this monster relies on defensive position it has to make a safe place for it self and lure the hunters into that area to even the odds. out side of this area the monster is weak. In order to fight this monster the hunters have to lure it our e.g using Hyde’s grenades, Hanks orbital strike.

If the hunters are in the monster’s den then they will face many environmental hazards.


  • Venom Spit:
    A coned shaped attack in front of the monster that poison’s targets caught in it.

  • Trap:
    Something similar to the wild life man eating plant. once a hunter is caught into it the fellow hunters have to help them to get out of it.

  • Sticky goo / web:
    This Ability does no damage but changes the environment. The skill covers more area the higher level it is. This ability makes the effected area sticky making hunters in the area slow.

  • Panic attack:
    A defensive skill. the Monster curls into a ball and shoots thorns / spikes in all direction in a small area around the monster.( like a porcupine ) any one hit with this attack is thrown back and is poisoned for a very short time.

As you can see with the above abilities this monster would be a camper. So in the initial level 1 he would be very weak and has to quickly level up to level 2 in order to create a good lair for it self. at level 3 it is power full enough to move away from its initial lair and recreate another Lair right above the Relay.

Trapping this monster after level 1 is not a good idea as this monster loves being inside a dome with the hunters.

Caves are the ideal place for this monster to make lair for it self.

This will bring another aspect to the hunters game. Going in to a lair knowing the monster is in there but scared of going in because you know its a trap.


a very quick doodle of the monster. i dont like the face but in the end i made it just to give a basic idea


I like it.


You got talent! That looks and sounds awesome!


Although I like the concept it can see its major flaw… Its a camper that relys on its 2 passives, trap/sticky goo. I don’t see any way for the creature to do sustained damage to the enemy team other then spam his other 2 moves venom/panic. Also, monsters have to stay on the move to get enough food so I think it may require a different approach skill wise.

As I said I like the concept and this isn’t meant as a discouragement. Keep it up :smile:


was not happy with the first concept.

this is more close to what I imagined.


may be 1 passive Ability then and 3 offensive???

combine the 2 defensive abilities:

  • Trap :
    works like the wild life plant. traps the hunter inside it but has to be helped by his fellow hunter to get out of it. The area around the trap turns into Goo / web periodically.

At rank 1 this ability is only a trap but later as the monster level’s it up you get a area slow added to it.

another offensive ability can be added now that we have a free slot. So either:

  • Web Pull:
    pull a target to the monster. though this is an ability shared by many monsters. Wraith and upcoming behemoth.

  • Jump attack:
    similar to Goliath’s ability.

  • Ooze Web:
    Leaves a trail of sticky stuff on the ground but also makes the monster faster.

may be all the sticky stuff makes the monster faster to move on it?


The only monster with placeables is Kraken. Definitely need more placeables.


Oh wow this is a lovely and brilliant idea, i hope someone takes notice of this!

Dont even have to follow it to the latter, just a spider-demon thing with a focus on setting up ambushes as a theme sounds awesome already


Excellent drawings! By the sounds of your ideas, you’re going to love Behemoth; he is basically a walking fortress that is great at area denial. He isn’t very fast though, which is to help balance him out.
By using Rock Wall in caves you can make a kind of ‘lair’ or trap in which a Hunter cannot escape, since the ability is able to clip through walls, thus allowing certain openings to be sealed.


But from what i get is that behemoth is big and bulky and denies areas because he’s like a titan that literally reshapes land around him to do massive damage.

I was thinking more of a wraith with trap spells. the nerscylla from monster hunter 4 would be something i think would make sense


As soon as I first heard of this game I envisioned an arachnid type monster.

I would change some things from yours.

Special moment ability would be climbing on walls/ceiling. Stamina shoots web that then pulls spider to that location. Think grappling hook al a Dying Light.

Sneak pounce would bundle Hunter up into web that could then be dragged and hung. Hunter still able to shoot after being hung but immobile until shot or after a time duration.

1 area denial web snares.
2 poison spit
3 spawn spider broodlings, these would grow on her back during cool down then be deployed and scurry after hunters/wildlife
4 can’t think of a 4th right now. Maybe this would be used to tie hunters up and hang them instead of the sneak attack.


I think that’s a great start for a concept like that but maybe with some more original moves seeing as I would hate to see TRS become a two trick pony… May be replace the web pull with a repulsion skill… because I think any camper monster would be based on separation

Then of course the cream on top for any spider monster… eggs bro… maybe this is the beast laying those giant Hive eggs… stage 1 is one monster… stage 2 is 2…duh… And stage three adds freaking armor

Also I would think it would be interesting if this monster had no stamina dash at all… instead it’s monster Archnid legs just have the fastest land speed and climbing… with the ability to walk cave ceilings and evolve on them and MOAR PLACEBLES PLEASE TRS


I love your ideas and artwork! Feel free to join up with the Help Create a Monster thread! Would love to see you there. About your work…I am really drawn to that face and how the body looks like a tick and gross, yet also relate-able. It’s cute, yet scary.


That’s doodle!? Can’t wait to see your art. I love the idea of a monster setting up shop for a confrontation.


For all those who want this monster to walk on ceilings. There are not many ceilings in this game don’t think it can be done. But i love the idea.

like your idea about shooting web :slight_smile:

the trap ability I mentioned does this I think pounce should remain pounce amongst all monsters.

Agreed it can have minions but if it can spawns minion then they should be tiny Critter like the Reavers but arachnid.
Can’t have a monster type minion on an ability that would be too powerful.

But a multiple critter type minion spawn would be cool to overwhelm the hunter while the monster can target a particular hunter.


I am an illustrator by profession and thank you for liking my work.

you can see my work at:

yeah i would love to play a monster that will wait for its prey and thrives on the hunters finding him :slight_smile:

yes i can’t wait to get my hands on behemoth. But where Behemoth is a tank the Arachnid is a trapper and a camper.