Transport Ship Map


At the end of Evacuation, we are tasked with defending a Transport Ship that is refueling to carry those that have survived the Monsters attack, off of Shear. This match can go one of two ways. Either the Monster succeeds and destroys the refueling station, which in turn destroys the Transport Ship, or the Hunters succeed and kill the monster. Both have beautiful cinematic’s at the end portraying the Hunters victory, or their annihilation. But what if something went wrong and the Monster never made an assault of the refueling station?
Cabot’s team arrives at the refueling station to fend off the Monsters assault, but to the teams surprise the Monster never appears. The Transport Ship finishes refueling and gives Cabot the all clear. He then makes the call to have Bucket bring the ship around so they can begin planning their next move against the remaining threats. Just as they finish loading up, a distress signal is heard through the ships radio. The Monster has made it onto the Transport. Cabot and the rest of the Hunters immediately set off after the Transport and cleanse it of the threat.
The team breaks through Shears atmosphere and can see a dark vessel floating in the distance. It’s the Transport. Cabot demands Bucket establish communication with the crew of the Transport. There is no response, only static. As the crews deepest fear begins to sink in and all seems lost, a voice comes through and the docking bay door begins to open. The crew and survivors have been rushed to the Transports panic room, its only safe haven that has only been previously used to hold off pirates.
The doors can only take so much before the Monster breaks through and finishes off the remaining survivors. It’s up to Cabot and his team of elite Hunters to stop this threat once and for all.

I had this idea and felt the need to share. I hope it came out as good on here as it sounded in my head. With the Monster on the Transport, this can introduce a new game mode and it can be used for all current game modes. The Monster would have eggs laid all over the ship to cause more damage, some of the crew could be injured and got locked out of the panic room, the entire ship is the Monsters new stomping ground, and the doors will need to be defended at all costs.
For food, I would imagine the Transport would have been loaded up with Shear wildlife to keep a steady supply of food for the survivors during their long trip. The Monster would wreak havoc and cause the wildlife to escape and run amok all over the ship. There would be no birds to alert the hunters, so I can only think the sound from the Monster would give him away.


This is the single best map idea I have ever seen. And I’ve read through hundreds.


Back during the beta stages i suggested an idea for a map on the massive transport ship. I don’t really care about how, but definitively make the only food be people and those crates. The only problem here, which i noticed just today with broken hill mine, i that a character like Hank’s ability is rendered useless in this kind of environment.


Bad, ass. That sounds like an amaizing map.


I love the idea. The monster food could be the stragglers that didn’t make it into a safe room. Or you could break down safe room doors to get at the juicy survivors meat.

It would suck knowing that Hank couldn’t use his strike and Torvald could have problems as well if the ceilings were low but I think those are things that could be worked around. Maybe there could be a hanger area that has one of those satellites like Hank has ready to be deployed else where that as long as you are in that area it could drop its pay load


It’s a pretty damn huge ship. Plus, you could just say that it docked with a massive ship/space station once it breached orbit and then you have a huge playground.


But…What about Tagging and Hanking?

Oh, wait, I know. Destroy the ship’s “roof”. There, skylights.


In my head right now I am imaging it playing like the movie Alien, just with a hulking Goliath instead. That would be cool.


Wraith would fit better. :stuck_out_tongue:


While running around on the ship hunting the monster, with people dying left right and center:
“So, where did you get Daisy? I tought you never had been to Shear before?”


They could always add new dialogue specific for the map. I would also like to see a map on Winter Station, the place where Maggie got Daisy. I know the Evolve team has awesome ideas circulating through their office, so I absolutely can’t wait to see what they reveal next.