Translation mistake [ENG-ITA]


This isn’t actually a bug, categorized as such because i didn’t know where i should have created this thread.
It’s more like an inaccurate translation from english to italian what i’m going to talk about.
When the dome expires (timer goes to 0)
In italian the announcer says :
“La cupola sta per cedere” (The dome is ABOUT to go down)
While instead it should say:
“La cupola è ceduta” (The dome is down)
My friends, new to evolve, lot of times get confused when the announcer says that the dome is going to go down, so they think: “well the dome is about to expire, lets hit the monster with tracking darts and pop our cds to deal some damage before the monster escapes” when then they realize the monster is already gone and the dome went down 10 seconds ago.
I know this isn’t an emergency to fix, but for gameplay clarity i think it’s worth to consider this inaccurate announcer statement.


Now that you mention it, I got confused by this in english too.