Tranq darts are too strong


why are there no counter for monster or something against tranq darts, at least stasis guns and grenades most of the time you get shot at so you get your traversal but you get nothing from tranq darts if you re running away and that s unfair


As far as I know stasis grenades don’t put you in fight or flight mode, so you don’t get increased traversal. Could be wrong though.


i just said most of the time you get shot at when in stasis grenades


Whaaaat, but they toned the tranqs down a little now, they’re 8 seconds long rather than 10. Just try to use objects to your advantage to block line of sight.


You also get shot at when you’re tranqued. In fact, getting tranqued makes it easier for them to shoot you by highlighting you through terrain. So you still end up in fight or flight.


wow 2 seconds less makes such a big difference


i wouldn t talk about it if it was that easy to juke,


Kinda does unless the Val you’re playing against is very consistent.


if you re slowed it makes it easier to get shot at again


and 8 seconds is just enough for the hunters to be able to see again briefly when you re behind an object


If you are a good sneaky Monster then you dont run into tranq. If you are in the arena its okay when you there be tranq cause a monster who is catched must be punished.

What is the point when tranq is so much nerfed that a monster can jump just around in the arena without get any damage to him. If a monster is in the arena it must be hard for the monster in the arena. Only bad Monsters are catched at stage one in arena.


the problem is not in the arena, the problem is when you need to flee and you can t because you have no alternative against tranqs, especially when with a griffin combo even if you re out of sight you still get caught and this isn t punishing it s unfair


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That is actually a very large difference…
If you’re having that much trouble, I suspect you need to try another tactic…


A monster who is caught, must be punished. o.o


no it s not, let s say you get tranqued and you try to mkae the distance, when you re out of stamina the hunters moves faster than you which they caught up to you just after you re not tranq and get tranq all over again and you can t do anything about it


Thanks man, I am not native english speaker, sorry about that :smiley:


val is a pretty bad healer at stage 3, so she needs this tranqs to force as many as possible fights at stage 1 and 2.


No worries. ^.^


and what to you do against it then, if they re isn t a counter against it it s unfair