Tranq Dart Accuracy


Looking for more of an opinion than anything else. I play on Xbox one and a little on PS4. I play this game quite a bit and love it : )

Due anyone think Val’s tranq dart could use a little improvement on hit registration? I don’t know if it’s a bit box issue or what. It seems like if the monster is more than 25 meters away (give or take), the hit doesn’t register sometimes. It seems like the shots go clean through center mass at times as well. Makes it especially hard to get the elite challenges done. What does everyone have their sensitivity at. Because maybe that’s my problem. I’m currently giving 40 a shot.


I keep the default 67 because I usually run at about 50 so didn’t even bother changing it.


I find accuracy drops when not aiming down sight. Also i think the dart travels very slow so you have to slightly lead the target at long distances.


Ah, the darts aren’t hit scan. That explains a lot. Man, every week I learn some new little nuance about this game. Thanks for the tip.