Tranfer player data


I was thinking about buying evolve on Xbox one to play with friends who don’t have it on PC, as i have put alot of time into getting elite skins for most hunters and monsters, is there a way just to transfer Hunter/monster progression over but start out at level one, i ask cause i know some games do this and just wanted to see what TRS says on this matter


Logically everything should be bound to your 2K Account, no? I’m not entirely sure but technically if progress is bound to the 2K account you should be able to transfer everything… Not sure though…


I would think so aswell but if @MacMan or any other dev could verify it would be appreciated


I do think that it was mentioned that progress doesn’t carry over between machines. Quite stupid admittedly, it had something to do with 2K’s services. I don’t think I’d be able to find the exact post now though. Tagging our good ol’ (Lol, only now I realised how that sounds) @MacMan


The level progression i care little about but the mastery’s ive but so much effort and time into would be frustrating to redo