Training/Test Simulator


Alright, so obviously this would be a major addition, but I feel that it would be a fantastic way to practice and hone skills with differing hunters.

Currently, one can practice either by playing in a live multiplayer match, creating a private match, or using the single player mode. All these are nice, but a dedicated training simulator would be a great way to offer more in-depth practice an authentic, futuristic setting.

This mode would take place in a computer simulation holodeck, in which hunters are “wired in” and control avatars. The idea is to create a very flexible digital environment, with a full range of customization for the players that are training.

Essentially, the player can choose what the initial drop team and monster is (similar to single player) and a map, be it the stock maps or just a blank, flat canvas world (similar to the superflat worlds of minecraft).

Once they drop in, the player is capable of a vast array of changes. They can hotswap between classes, replace hunters with hunters of other tiers, select to play as the monster, swap the monster, etc.

The idea would be to create a very controlled experimental environment, with everything customization, including the implementation of wildlife buffs selection, perk switching, AI behavior toggle (attacking, defending, etc), invulnerability, and more.

Obviously, it would take a large amount of work, but given the variety of complexities and nuances that Evolve has to offer, creating a dedicated “testing sim” would give players greater control over a wide range of experimentation in a single round.

It’s a bit difficult to explain in full, but hopefully the general idea came across. Suggestions are always welcome, as well as discussion regarding whether the implementation of such a mode would be helpful or not.


I would also enjoy a game mode for practice.
Perhaps see damage numbers/healing. Can tweak the monsters, or remove the timer/wildlife, or even the monster from the game completely. Stuff like that.


My thoughts as well, some form of playground area that allows for a bit more in depth practice outside of what is currently offered in single player and private matches