Training Mode Warning Message in Custom Games


When I get to the Select A Character screen playing Custom Solo games I keep getting an error message saying I am in Training Mode and thus I will get capped exp and silver keys.

I playing these custom games clicking on Play->Custom->Solo Match so I am not in Training Mode.

I also didn’t get a “point” for the Complete a Match Challenge as an Assuault. I just played an Arena Custom Solo Match.


Challenges must be completed online unless otherwise noted. For Stage Two Custom is the same as Training. This is to prevent farming for Keys.


But I was online.

" For Stage Two Custom is the same as Training"

This doesn’t make sense as there is a whole seperate option called Training. I clicked on Play and connected to the Servers and therefore wasn’t in Training.


By online I mean in Hunt or Ranked.


Then the warning message needs to reflect that. If I am playing A Custom Game not in Training Mode I shouldn’t get an error message saying I am in training mode. Also there’s no mention in game (as far as I could tell) of challenge’s only being completed in Hunt and Ranked


@Insane_521 @snowkissed Can you confirm this messaging is intentional?


The message is intentional, but I can see how it is confusing. We’ll have to clarify it in an update!


Thank you for confirming!