Training Map for Normal Play?


Just thought of it.

Maybe a few tweaks here or there and what not. Seems like a lot of work in a level and it’s not even a normal to play level.

Would make interesting online play.

Dunno… maybe just wishful thinking for new maps. Figured this would be easier to apply than a new map(s) from scratch.


I think due to the shape it would make a decent Defend map if you made it just a little larger.

I was just looking at it the other day. I really like the look of it compared to the rest of the game. the way everything is laid out and the design is really cool. Its a shame its mostly something people will see once if ever.


Yeah like I said some tweaks to the map and it’d be all good.


4 times re-reading this thread, I had no clue what you meant by “training map”. It finally occurred to be at like midnight that you mean the tutorial map.

Feeling kinda dumb.


Wut? U were 2 gud 4 teh twaining level? Er u furgot about teh first level u eva pwayed on in Everlve?

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But on a serious note yeah the Training/Tutorial Level where you gotta get Gold for both Hunters and Monster for some Achievements.


I’d like to see it, but it feels really constricted to be a whole map. I know they’ve got the whole thing designed (because it’s been mentioned in one of these threads before), but I think it’s more for testing new stuff in a varying environment.

It was made for trying out the basics, so I doubt we’ll see it. Still, if it was released, I wouldn’t complain.


That first Leap Smash as Goliath off that huge cliff is epic. I imagine Gorgon placing Spider Traps up there to mess with people.


i hv got the same idea a long time ago but never post it if they make the map larger it would loolks awesome ^^


maybe show numbers on how much damage you do


I love how this map looks. :smile: The forest canyons that flush into the beach area are really different from the maps we currently have - maybe what Distillery would be like without snow. If the map was expanded and the existing areas widened and reworked, I think it’d be a really cool map.

I really like the beach area on Salveron Industries, too.




Hoo u evin talkin 2?


Yeah. It would cool for normal play. I quite liked the map.


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Dear god, the frames.

I can totally see it being a dock map. And even if it isn’t a Hunt map, it can at least be a Defend map.


@Insane_521 was/is the tutorial level made complete?


it almost has the lord of the rings and western feel combined. That’s what I get from it anyway.


Yeah I would assume the map would be easy(ish) to implement. Maps already in the game and what not…


I do love that map, but I’m not sure the linear design would work well in Hunt. If it could be expanded past the boundaries in some areas into a full size map, with some side tunnels so the canyon isn’t a death trap, I’d love to see that.