Train With Me? (PS4)


I’m looking for a more or less consistent group of reasonably skilled hunters to play against and learn with. I’m a silver expert monster and I am hoping to find a few agreeable players who I can fight and get criticisms from. Please send me a message if you’re interested


What platform?


Ah, sorry. That’d probably be helpful. I’m on PS4. I just finished getting stomped twice in a row by a chase comp, so I’m a bit shaken up


Changed title and category for ya. Good luck! :+1:


Thank you very much, it’s appreciated!


I work offshore I do a 3/2 hitch but it’s about all I play when I’m home so feel free to add me I’m silver skilled but was moving up fast got a few good teams I play with


east coast

silver skilled



I am pretty sure I’ve played you once or twice in ranked as well. Is your name the same on PSN?


sounds fun psn: this_is_VALHALLA


Whats your psn? My team will play you, it should be greatly beneficial for you.


My psn is the same as my name here: Terry_Locke

Thank you for the offer, looking forward to practicing with you guys


Sure is
Ten characters


add me ps4 hohoho479 i have not determined my rank yet because i have not been playing for a while and not much hunt but im pretty good at the game and have all the dlc


I sent you a friend request, not sure if I said it was me


I sent you a request as well