Trailmakers Beta thread (link in the thread for a VIP seat)


So, I discovered this sweet looking little game with Jacksepticeye, and I already fell in love with it.

I even subscribed to it in case I get the chance to play it, but playing it doesn’t mean ONLY playing it. If I subscribed, it won’t be for nothing, I’ll give suggestions and report bugs if I get the game by luck.


Sold, I’m gonna sign up too


Guys, I’m reviving the thread because the free try is available today!


The game’s on the Steam shop now. I bought it and it’s quite fun, althrough it eats a lot of RAM (it’s an early-access anyway, so it’s not something so blamable).


Those PNG files are blueprints, it’s amazing how such a simple file can be a physics based 3D vehicle.


Just look at that trello board! It’s massive.


The game’s on sales for 40%, don’t let this opportunity out of your hands!

Don’t forget to click this link so I can get a VIP seat Gnéhéhéhéhé…(this is the link to buy the game)