Trailer of awesome


Why couldn’t we drop out of the DS like that? Also I wish we could activate and deactivate PS like that too. Also PLEASE TRS have someone make a evolve movie or something PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


This trailer is bae. <3

Aaah the nostagliaaaaaaaaaa.


I loved it. I like all the trailers. They were special.


But this one, this one was the best. :slight_smile:


Aye that it was.


sighs I remember the first time I loaded Evolve in the Alpha…my heart eagerly beating so hard in my chest as I watched the game finally finish queuing up in Steam…then the race to open it as if you could not be fast enough…breathing hard just to see the footprint screen…hearing the opening music, getting into that first fresh tutorial…and finally that very first leap from the dropship…for the first time…brings a literal tear to my eye right now how people have torn this game apart when it’s such a thing of beauty all around.


sniff I’m sad now. :cry:


You started it.

Can’t stop the feels now…


Just finished replaying the hunter tutorial, the intro, hunter intro and the trailers…ah…good times.


Abe Caira Parnell Cabot walking through the forest of unknown terrors news of a so called ‘‘MONSTER’’. Abe finding a dead creature that he tagged a while ago that the ‘‘MONSTER’’ ate and left supposedly. Cabot hears something behind him he glances into the trees and bushes nothing there out of no where a creature takes Cabot into the unknown. Abe Caira Parnell are on the chase for Cabot as the 3 hunters make their way through the haunting forest Cabot is left lying on the ground no sign of the monster out of no where the monster splits in 2 in the shadows she makes her move attacking the 4 hunters the hunters shooting trying to guess where she will attack from there no there no there then she comes out of the shadows and starts the fight to the end will the 4 hunters make out alive or will the monster claim to be at the top of the food chain…To be continued


It’s Abe not Griffin…


really srry u like the story tho


I love the story and lore behind Evolve. It’s great.


yo hopefully this new monster dont look ugly haha yo feel me


Meh, I plan to kill it many times.


like its teeth best not be messed up cuz thats not scary super sharp teeth that aren’t crooked is scary you know what im saying


Yes…I do…


dude just think about it what if this monster can like chill on the ceiling and just watch the hunters run by wow all the ideas its CRAZY


like the windego you know that thing in until dawn


I’m jumping for joy.