Trailer Discussion


What did you guys think??? We’re dying to know!





So exciting!


The Trailer looks great! Really looking forward to it as I loved all the L4D series and was some of the most fun I had with Multi Player. Question though, are you guys going to have Split Screen Multi Player like you did with L4D? Couch Multiplayer gaming regardless of how advanced Live and PBN is, is still some of the best co-op friend interactive gaming.


CryEngine is looking very pretty, as usual. The game itself gives me a “Predator” vibe which I like quite a bit. I’m anxious to see more.


That’s the same feeling I got. The trailer is well made and I look forward to seeing more.


I’m wondering if Evolve will have health bars like L4D or regenerating health like Call of Duty?


This game looks great! The teamwork in the game looks tight and fun. I’m a big Left 4 Dead fan. I really loved the diversity in player characters in L4D, why the lack of racial diversity in your new player character models? Anyway can’t wait for some great discussions on the forums leading up to release.


Does anyone know who does the Mother cover in the trailer. Thought it was Wye Oak at first.


Lissie Maurus!


@Dzelly_igr You have to manage your health in Evolve. The Medic class’s primary focus is to keep the team on their feet and in the fight!

IGN has a pretty solid write-up describing the different Hunter classes in Evolve, and how they synergize with one another :slight_smile: -


Hey Jordy, don’t worry there will be a lot of characters, with a lot of variety. These are just the first 4 we have revealed.


Firstly, that’s a really great trailer, and the B roll footage used by publications today was a real treat, too.

Secondly, everything about Evolve so far is hype. KIU Turtle Rock.


It looks awesome, starting to think in many more monsters, maybe a sand habitat with a scorpion or maybe some snow mountains with an ice bear?
Can you guys just give us a very little hint of the next monster you will reveal or of other ones you got in the works?


Thanks for the reply. Turtle Rock has a great take on multiplayer, this game seems epic.


New gameplay trailer up!


I would really like to see a flying type, or perhaps maybe a crustacean monster perhaps lurking around in watery areas or like a swamp. That’d be neat!


That napalm effect…


Bring it on!


damn the trailer and teh gameplay got me hyped! but since it’s going out in about 7 months i hope new stuff will come out now and then to keep the hype!


The trailer looked great but it can’t help but feel without coach coop it will fade into obscurity after a few weeks.