Tracking vs anticipating and ambushing


Now, I will preface this with ‘easier said than done’, but I’ve noticed that a lot of games I’m in have the hunters wanting to mindlessly follow Daisy’s tracks around and around allowing the monster to consistently reach Stage Three. Because of an issue I have with the PC game, I find it difficult to vocalize alternative strategy (Lack of Push to Talk for PC controller gamers).

Now, this is normal with a new game. Players are going to evolve (no pun intended) and learn more effective ways to play the game. Eventually, the cream rises to the top and all that shit, but this fixation on mindlessly following Daisy seems to heavily favor the monster. With intelligent use of the Sneak button, he is nearly guaranteed to go Stage Three with full armor and with a little luck, some sick buffs, before he engages the group.

And maybe this is a conclusion that a lot of you have come to already, but it seems like following Daisy to an extent, coupled with strategic pincer tactics and map awareness are going to be what sets a good hunter team apart.

Also, I’ve noticed that when the monster goes Stage Three, people backpedal to the generator, immediately and wait for the attack to come on the monster’s terms. It seems to be like, in some cases, it would be better to try to take the monster before he can top of his armor, gather buffs, etc. Against a Goliath, in the wild, I feel like the hunters jetpack gives them the tactical advantage, whereas the jetpack only offers double tap dodging near the generator as the buildings are a little too high to expend that kind of fuel to get up, leaving yourself helpless to dodge incoming attacks.

Just my two cents. Hoping a fruitful discussion comes out of this.


Played a match last night where we had the Kracken down to 1/3rd health, he got away and staged to T3, other 2 hunters fell back to reactor.

I kept out a lil bit, hopping around just a short distance away (close enough to react to monster going after gen) and spotted him trying to eat. Me and my friend began harassing him.

Whole time the other 2 were crying at us to get back to the gen. “But he’ll just armor up and have a better chance to beat us!” I replied.

We got him down to a quarter or so before the other 2 ventured forward.

Of course, rather than harassing they got in his face and took 2 lightning strkes to get nuked to hell, and then my friend, the medic, got killed trying to revive them, and I died to the kracked 1v1 in the end with him down to half a bar of health left :confused:

All I wanted to do was harass the monster, keep it from armoring up and returning to attack the gen on it’s terms and run the clock out :frowning: