Tracking via wildlife spawn should be removed

After reading this The Hunt is less interesting to me. Now most of the times I know at what part of the map monster went(and very often you see it from the dropship. And this is not fair. He didnt left an tracks - it’s just how the spawning scripts are written. It’s especially sad to me since Im playing Crow.


they could just fix the wildlife spawns

This kind of tracking can’t be removed. The only way to fix it would be to spawn wildlife all over instead of following where you’re going. You can’t necessarily remove this kind of tracking.

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I never see that as effecting me.

oh its a rly common tracking method

i got no spawns at mammoth bird corner

i got spawns beach

k he is beach

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I understand how it works. I’ve just never noticed it as detrimental to my play. But then again I don’t professionally or anything. Lol.

That’s because no one uses it outside of comp play. I have to be able to tell where my teammates are and where they used to be.

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Makes sense then.

Let’s not expand into the wrong direction here.

You say the wildlife spawns should have nothing to do with tracking the Monster. I agree.
I say wildlife shouldn’t have such a massively delayed spawn to begin with. Do you agree?

Makes no sense for wildlife to only spawn when the area is visited. Or does it make sense because it saves memory? If so, does wildlife despawn just as easily? Otherwise the whole delayed spawn system is bonkers and useless.

Back on topic; even if wildlife spawns and despawns dynamically to save memory, I still don’t see why it has to present a difference noticeable enough for Hunters to immediately figure out whether the Monster has visited that particular area. If Hunters visit an area and encounter wildlife, what makes it so easily distinguishable to determine the wildlife has spawned because the Monster was here, not because the Hunters are currently here?

Is it that easy to visually see wildlife spawn?
Answer: yes, yes it is. Fix that. You’ll have gotten rid of this thread’s main issue on top of countless others that may or may not involve me raging over stupid spawning delays that render the distance I just covered as Goliath useless.

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I’d just be happy if they stopped spawning sloths on me when I’m trying to snack. :frowning:

I think it’s a cool little thing that adds an extra layer to tracking. It’s not a very liable way of tracking, so I really don’t mind it.

Eh, it’s typically better to track the old way.



When the hunters drop. Spawn 6 crowbills on them

Problem solved.

Sorry, cannot agree. This kind of tracking is only there because of the game’s technical limitations, I’m yet to see a dev saying this was an intended feature, an additional way to help you track. I wouldeven go as far and call it an exploit, albeit an unavoidable one, if you happen to know about it.

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Oh I agree with everything you said. But It’s still a very bad way of tracking, so I really don’t mind it being a thing.

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