Tracking Darts


I often play the monster and i am thinking that traking darts are way too op… after the first dome the trapper can always easily shot a dart to the monster and u cant do nothing… this destroys monster plays beacause hunter know always where u are and u cant do nothing to avoid it, it’s ridicoulus. expecially if in premade team the hunter has no chance to win if darts are used properly. so my suggestion is to reduce the duration of these darts. i dont know how much they lasts but its a lot!

some monsters suffer much from these dars expecially monster with low speed like goliaths


Darts last 35 seconds and you can avoid being shot by breaking line of sight. It’s that easy. Also this is not a bug. If you wish to stay ahead of the hunters, use movement speed perks and/or climbspeed and/or traversal regen. There’s plenty of ways for you to disengage every now and again; just don’t expect 10 minutes of stealth play, because that’s no fun for the majority of players.


35 ARE too many, and u cant avoid been shot beacause after the first dome the trapper always shot u and u cant do nothing it’s ridicouls what u say i suppose u never pick the monster.


Moved to suggestions cause it isn’t a bug.


thanks a lot


i was like you once, i understand how you feelbut trusdt me there are nt a big deal you just need to learn how to fight no matter the stage and you ll be good


Darts used to be 60 seconds.


45 not 60.


Sure it was 60 at one point


Maybe beta but I played him a lot back then first elited hunter in the beta and I’m 90% certain it was 45 even way back then.


the problem with the 35 sec is that they will scan hit you then they have 35 sec and a scan to hit you again thats not really easy to avoid


Actually, I’m a Gold Expert monster player. If you’re struggling with those darts, you need to break line of sight more often and/or use perks that benefit your speed.


Well u know also that the maps are not made to help the monster expecially from liine of sight