Tracking Dart time... Too long?


I main monsters, it’s why I bought the game, it’s why I’m here. and I’ve noticed an issue with the less mobile characters like Goliath, specifically when he gets hit with the tracking dart, the tracking dart stays active for what feels like an ridiculous long time, due to lower mobility it is extremely to get away. And if the satellite tracker is used afterword escape becomes impossible. Without time to recover armor, eat prey or evolve it feels like you are being constantly hounded rather than hunted. Not really all that fun, though it is nice when you can turn it around and win, but the joy of winning a hard won battle is not worth all the distinctly not fun dodging and running you have to do to win.

This effects all monsters to varying degrees, however it is also fairly noticeable with the wraith, but its mobility makes it less intense of an issue (though map size also plays a factor). The Wraith as taken the hardest hit with all the new updates, especially with the satellite tracker, one of my favorite tactics in the original game was to go off in one direction then sneak off in another. it was difficult to pull of and rewarded map awareness. this feels like a much less rewarding tactic now, and with the difficulty of pulling it off it doesn’t feel like it’s worth it if all that it takes to foil it is a push of a button.

That said, by waiting until I get tracked the first time THEN pulling the bait and switch it made it more viable, however I think the cool down time for the satellite tracker should at the very least be considered for tweaking.

But back to the wraith and the tracking dart, one thing I think definitely need to be tweaked is when you’ve been hit with the tracking dart and activate your decoy ability. when I was tracked the hunters ignored my decoy completely, basically completely negating one of my ability’s and one of the wraiths critical abilities at that. What I feel would be better is that considering that the decoy is the wraith being two places at once, that both the decoy and the monster are tracked.

Also, if the monster had a way to remove the tracking dart, maybe even put it on some other animal, then the duration would be less of an issue and become a more interesting mechanic.

It also might be worth considering changing the cooldowns of the tracking satellite and duration of the tracking darts from monster to monster (the Goliath has thicker hide so the tracking dart falls out quicker due to low penetration, the wraith has a less noticeable signature so the satellite requires more time to track it.)

TL:DR: The tracking dart duration feels too long for low mobility monsters, made worse with the tracking satellite, especially stage one. Consider tracking both Wraith and Decoy when tagged by tracking dart. Satellite cooldowns and tracking dart duration’s should be tweaked for each monster. Making the tracking dart removable and possible to stick onto other creatures would offer an interesting game play mechanic.


Just to add a little something here, the approximate time that a tracking dart is active is 35 seconds. Just wanted to throw that in.


It’s 35 seconds it was nerfed. It was a while back.


Whaaaaaat? I don’t remember that at all! I don’t play Abe much, so that’s probably why it didn’t stick with me. Editing.


Yeah it was a while back. Before tu08 iirc.

Yee, 35 seconds.


It used to be 45 seconds before the 35 second nerf, and it was slightly higher at launch too.


Man, I really need to reread the old patch notes.


35 is still quite a lot, especially when combined with the Planet Scanner.


Anyways, I don’t think they’re really OP, or even too long. If we’re gonna be honest, it’s arguably a lot harder to use than most other forms of tracking. Gobi is the only other one that requires active use, and he is guaranteed a ping if the Monster crosses his flight path. Abe has to tag everything he passes, then hope the Monster eats the dart. Otherwise, his only hope of using it is seeing the Monster and darting it, which is mildly frustrating to do when fighting Wraith.

35 seconds is MORE than enough time to simply run and get away from Hunters. After that time, if they don’t have LoS and proximity, then they won’t be able to tag again if you book it.

Daisy is a bot (OG Daisy is a super bot). Griffin can detect anything that isn’t sneaking within his Spike range, which is massive, and even anything sneaking within a certain range. Gobi can auto-detect anything in a line up to 200~ meters and doesn’t require direct sight to use. Jack’s Tracking Sat can auto-detect anything in proximity and deal damage (though not much), and even if you don’t get the Monster, you have their most recent location within like 100 meters and the direction they went in. Tracking Dart seems inferior to these, no? 35-second tracking based on LoS that can’t be renewed without shooting again. You can use them on creatures, but that’s also limited by time, so if the Monster is nowhere near, or is smart enough to realize it’s fighting Abe, the chances of you getting a tag are next to zilch. Abe mostly has to rely on legitimate tracking skill instead of a tool that reveals the Monster’s location magically.

Take my opinion with a grain of salt, however. I’ve been using him since release and hate to see him nerfed again, despite being one of the most balanced Trappers.


honestly, I am putting forth the perspective of the monster. I’d rather that all parties are balanced and fun to play. I’m just putting forth what feels like an issue to me. and I appreciate the counter argument. what do you think about the wraith decoy being tracked as well when darted?


Liking that only for the image.

I do not like.

But it doesn’t last very long and it’s stupidly obvious which one is Decoy so meh. Couldn’t care less.


I’d been playing quite a lot of Monster, specifically Behemoth because he’s amazing, so I do know how irritating a decent Abe player can be. It’s just that the other Trappers are just as irritating.

I haven’t used her or fought her since the update went live, so I’m not entirely certain what you’re talking about. But if you’re saying that both are tracked if just the Decoy is tagged, I really don’t feel any kind of way about that. It’s useful, but makes no sense to do. Only the one tagged should be tracked.

If you mean that you can track the Decoy by tagging it without auto-tagging the Wraith, there’s no issue with that. It’s a threat, so I think all tools should work on it.

Just my 2 cents.