Tracking dart OP or not?


personally i feel Abe’s tracking dart is over powered because it seems to last forever compared to other tracking tools like the UAV or dust tagging i think it could use a reduction in time tagged which might help balance since good hunters can keep a monster tagged near permanently currently and if it lasted less time it could help them shake the hunters a bit better and faster. although i would like input from other people just to make sure that if its time does get dropped its for a good reason and actually helps.




Well, yeah. Of course these are shorter then the tracking gun because they’re from the SUPPORT class, not the TRAPPER class.


I dont think it is op at all, It does not prevent you from doing anything it just lets everything you do be known.


Okay time for a rant.Deep Breath I just want to point out that Abe’s tracking dart is his only means of finding and capturing the monster. You want it to be nerfed you say. Well boy do you need to rethink some things. I have an Elite Abe with a helluva long time on the tracking dart,BUT it can still be countered.

Without his tracking dart Abe is considered useless to even to the casuals which is not good. He cannot track effectively because he doesn’t have equipment that helps him find the monster. He has to do it himself which requires a lot more skill to do than the other trappers. So now that my rant is over I hope we have come to a conclusion here.


An often overlooked part about Abe’s tracking darts is that they do not slow down.
Once you are tagged you can just keep moving.

Shaking off the hunters when you want to Evolve does not change much either, considering it’s quite obvious where you are when you do. While you can never be sure whenever the monster is evolving or stepping on a brick of Lego, it’s easy to tell where it is.


Gobi, soundspikes and daisy slow you down?


Apparently they do.


As said before, Abe has a hard time finding the beast without any help.

If you see an Abe in your game, you best lay low and should get to lvl 2 pretty easy.


Not OP, Abe has no early tracking ability and the long track time makes up for it.



i think the tracking dart is not op. because he is the trapper and its his job to find the monster or not lose it. its normal that buckets uav spotting lasts just a couple of seconds because he is just the support and his main job is to support the team in combat. same thing with vals tranqgun, it can slow the monster for a short time but in the end its on the trapper to get that dart in and the dome down


It would be op if it never wore of but it does. And he has a terrible start at finding the monster. The tracking dart is all he has so no, not op.


People don’t seem to realize that Abe has no way of finding you early on unless the monster makes a mistake.

A monster who is careful and knows what they’re doing can get a free stage 2 which is a big weakness of Abe.