Tracking and Trapping (Barracks)


Yellow+Green dots is Support/Trapper. I like heading south with them at the beginning as

  1. It tends to be the more likely area the monster will go.
  2. Forced to cover more ground, and you have the better tracking equipment
  3. The support cloak will help with the caves if you have to enter them.

Red+Blue dot is the Assault/Medic. This is the pathing I personally like the most if I’m getting absolutely no indication where the monster is. It allows for you to see heavy feeding grounds, and find corpses at a fast rate. The only danger is that this is a 2/2 split. If the monster figures out you’re in a 2/2 split he may engage, and the other team will have to run to try and catch up to the rest before a hunter goes down.

This tracking should be changed if you get any indication that the monster is in another area (spotters, birds, tracks) etc. This is more passive tracking in a way that you’re trying to find the beginning tracks to get a general idea where the monster is.

The white/grey lines indicate direction, and the best ways for you as a trapper to cut the monster off.

The green dot is where the Trapper should sit when the monster is close to this position. The red dot is the monsters position. When the Monster begins to follow his line (the grey or white one) the trapper should follow his. If done correctly you should be able to land the dome with very little difficulty. If playing Griffin you can be more aggressive with your positioning as it is much easier to land a dome, but the other trappers should follow these areas to have the greatest chance of landing a dome.



Wow, this is a great guide for the trapper. Looks awesome



Bookmarked: well done this is really useful



I feel barracks is better than a bunch of the ‘ESL’ maps tbh. If both teams play on the same map I don’t see why any are banned. Fusion Plant is MUCH worst than Barracks.



Can you make more of these? This is very helpful.



I’ll see about making more when I get more time.



Shoutout to you for making this! Thanks for making it, looks great! :blush:



If we got heat maps… We could see where monsters/hunters like to go. -.-
If we get them, someone tag me into that.



Really? Because with FP the Monster can cut through the plant to escape that one rear choke, Crowbill Canyon is tiny, and the rest of the map is pretty much fine, right?

The worst is Rendering Plant though. No contest.



I cannot escape from hunters on that map, especially if they’re running crow :frowning:



A good premade will just have the Trapper sit up at that northern choke and flush you out. It’s painfully easy to do…



I just seem to not be able to get any sort of distance between me and hunters on the map, they’re always right behind me without sunny, never mind with her :laughing:

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This map has very little cover to have a meal so you’ll get birds early in the game. While most monsters like running to the North West or North East it is safest to just stay away from the North West unless you’re forced into the area.

The pale line on the east side of the map is uncommon monster pathing that you may see occur, but it is very unlikely. The trapper should follow his pale line (which in this case continues past the white line) to get the best chance of the dome.

I have the North West as Do Not Dome territory as it is extremely monster favored, and will likely lead into downs for your team, and maybe the game. It is best to force the monster out of this area, and cut him off in a safer area.