"Toxic" Players publicly farming Masteries at other Player's expense


Okay so last night while streaming for Evolve (and apparently being the only Streamer at the time for about 15ish viewers) I had a very bad match of Arena that consisted of a Monster and our Medic working together.

Spoiler: I cuss frequently and I apologize now and I did after that match because I’m not a fan of it.

This will be the stream titled “Evolve Stuff…”

The first instance is at [3:14:00] where I get pounced and Medic literally just looks at me and does nothing. At the time I really thought he was just a bad Player (because it happens).

A little bit later everyone is dead and the Behemoth Player let’s him get his team revive so Emet can get his 1 point towards the Mastery then we proceed to kill the Monster. Of course I get extremely suspicious of what I just witnessed.

At [3:19:30] in the second round I get chased and killed and then Emet comes in with a Healing Bouy after I died to mock me like an ass. Of course I feel that Emet’s death was accidentally made by the Monster.

At this point might as well just watch the rest of the match when round 3 kicks in. Trapper and Assault die leaving me and a worthless Medic. Well no… Medic helps… by shooting me while I’m cloaked with his stupid missiles and leading the Behemoth to me the whole time. I try my best to live the whole time but it’s mostly just me porting back and forth trying to live and delay the inevitable.

I eventually get caught and die. Emet puts his Beacon down again with Behemoth almost killing him. We respawn and he gets incapped. We leave him to rust. With the Bonus Damage we were able to kill the Monster prick and win the match but overall the whole experience sucked.

All because someone either didn’t know that Customs went towards Masteries, wanted to troll and farm or just be an ass. I don’t know but it was frustrating as all get out.

I’m not going to entirely blame TRS for this but I do feel that the absurd Mastery for EMET’s beacon had a very small influence on this. “Why farm on Bots when we can piss off other players?”

Again I do apologize for the cussing in that part of the stream. It doesn’t help that I was playing Dark Souls 2 just prior to hopping on Evolve.

As far as a discussion goes, this sort of behavior shouldn’t be allowed to go unpunished but chances are they are still laughing about it.

Player's using public matches for elite mastery farming

I hear you. I run into this stuff constantly…and you think…why wouldn’t you do it with bots anyways?

It’s a game design issue I think. That added to the fact the game offers no way to kick players or control rooms you are literally powerless aside from constantly looking for new rooms.

At least you ended up winning, but this exact post is the reason I am drifting away from the game myself. It’s a shame because I really do like it.


Well the Toxic thing here is easily avoided if you’re playing with a group of friends but the hard part is getting those friends.

And there are a lot of Solo players in Quickplay.


I find it hilarious that someone came to my Youtube channel and told me off for farming bots -.- I was like… would you rather I farm on your dime? :stuck_out_tongue:


People are dicks. I guess I am too but at least I’m a reasonable one.


I mean come on, have you seen some of these masteries? If you don’t farm, you’ll never get them


I feel some of them are easier in actually games, but most would take a while, especially medic ones due to some having to have teammates die.


Yes… yes he has seen these masteries. If I remember correctly he was one of the first few who farmed the ever living shit out of Emet.

It felt like a chore when I did it.

EMET’s Beacon, Slim’s Bug Revives (when it was 50) and Gorgon were just ridiculous.

Goliath was the most reasonable one out of the batch.


Yeah those were the ones I hated the most. You as the Medic must fail to help your team in order to make Mastery Progress.

Lazarus was the only one where your team dying made sense.


I pride myself on usually being the first one to Elite them and have a video up for it. I think I’m going to try and make them more involved going forward. I’m somewhat debating about going back and showing the best way to Elite all the characters, but having them mastered I can’t show progress etc…


Eh… people will find a way. Most of them I did legitimately. Assaults are plain and simple except Markov’s chain Lightning which just promotes CoD players to go about and “Kill all the wildlife!” unless if you use the Minions in Defend…

If anything a wall of text for each character would be good enough. At this point it seems kinda pointless to make a video for say… Hank and I’m sure that 75% of players have him done while the other 25% are either really close or don’t care.


Whenever you have stats (or more likely leaderboards) in a game you’re gonna get guys that abuse the system.

And for some reason they all like neon green and black.


I remember asking you if you could clear up things a little bit and when you did it helped a lot


Adding a kick player option can be abused significantly though


I don’t get the dime joke, srry


Kick options are always abused, but a report button would be a different story. God knows those always work.


Hehe… yeah because the current Report options we get are great.

But a few times now Xbox has sent me a message stating that a player I’ve reported in the past has been banned from SeXbox Live… so… I guess either it works or Xbox takes me seriously.

Well considering a few things they should…


You know what.

I wish the Medic masteries didn’t need you to be a bad medic to succeed.


Hence why I said that I dislike them because they require you to fail as the team healer to make progress.

Lazaurs is the only exception but they carried it to other Medics in a different form.


Kraken vortex elite mastery lol