Town of Salem with the forumers!?


Would anyone like to play Town of Salem with us? It’s free on the browser and all you need to do is sign up. It’s heavily inspired by “Werewolf” and “Mafia” :smiley:

If you’re interested, ask!


Um, sure? I’ll bite.


I’ll be right there :wink:

Creating account now.

Name: Xplo (add me :wink: )


Awesome! Bear with me, I can make a discord server for it.



Who on it? I’ll be up for playing later! I played some with darkmesa, pythi and others a while ago.


I’ll sign up. EA’s pretty much up for the big stuff so I can play.


I’m interested, just got to have free time to play


I play this game from time to time! My account name is del009 :smiley_cat:


Ah, fun times.

@ToiletWraith @XplosionIncorporated @CptBoomBoom @BearStream @Magik_boom @del009


He also died from guilt

for being too op


Died from guilt, mafia, and sk simultaneously. That is something I haven’t seen before :smiley_cat:

Edit: And the name is “Slim” too, XD


Yeah, the chances of that are super slim


GF and transporter killed me


I think you died…


@10shredder00 @CptBoomBoom


What is this game(?)?


Town of Salem. Its a lot of fun. You should check it out.