Looking to establish a tournament for the big beta in january. Hopefully it will be an 8-32 team bracket for the first few days of the beta. I think there will be a private lobby feature (no exp or accolades), so that this can be organized. For each fight the two teams would have to call out something (heads or tails, 1-10, etc.) to decide whether they are playing as the hunters or the monster. The beta is only accessable to xbox one players, so keep that in mind with replies.

Looking for:
1-4 referree’s
8-32 teams (5 players per team, with 1 coach if requested) [only one coach active at a time, so as to avoid confusion, coach must be in same party as player/group being coached]

Requirements for team:
At least 5 players
Team name
Cannot repeat team (no applying the same players under a different team name)
Stable internet connections
At least 1 twitch account per team (for management purposes and to make the tournament more available for viewers)
Obvious behavioral standards (no rage quitting, no quitting midgame, no screaming if streaming or in party)

All matches must have at least one referee watching on twitch AND in the party with the hunters.

There is no cheating of any kind to be allowed. This includes watching the monster’s stream to find where they are, accepting information about the monster’s location from a third party, etc. Any and all teams caught cheating will be immediately disqualified from the tournament with the opposing team advancing to the next round. If a team is caught violating behavioral standards then they will recieve a minimum of one warning from the referee. Teams may recieve up to three warnings, and past that point any further violations will be judged by the current referee. After three warnings the referee has the ability to disqualify the team after another violation has occurred.

These are some basic rules and they are fairly easy to follow. I would love to establish/ participate in a tournament like this and am looking forward to the replies

Competetive Lineup ideas!

There are other threads with information about this. If you are interested in creating content or helping host/web programming, contact @L1NK and check out We’re starting up a competitive scene there and I feel that it’s in everyone’s benefit to have one central location to host/conduct tournaments instead of splintering it up. I would reach out to him if you’re interested in doing that.


On twitter or on here? Btw revision: teams require 4 players and may have a fifth playing as the monster, and the team can decide who will play as the monster in the event of four players.


However you want to contact him. Through steam, dgl website, here, twitter etc… He’s pretty active with all the communites. Best way to contact him would probably be either through DGL to his e-mail though.


Whenever I attempted to go to I was placed at a charity site. After a quick Google search I found, which is what I think you were referring to. Thank you for recommending this to me, and I hope to see you in the beta next month


Yoooo :smile:

Thanks maddcow <3.

@MaddCow, myself and @xdflames will be leading the Evolve front for DGL. I am looking to pick up a couple more people to help though. I really would like another general Evolve league admin to help with establishing rulesets, etc. I need a bit more help with the EU division of Evolve so EU people don’t be shy! I like to stay neutral in all the different divisions we have. The most important thing for us at the DGL is that admins are diplomatic and level headed. We run our rulesets by the community first through basic discussion and then vote on rulesets - majority wins :smile:

We are still editing our site, people who have been with us since our launch in October have seen a lot of changes come and go. We have a good month ahead of us before a lot of the features/design stuff is finished but yah :smile:


I would love to be involved with this, and I generally have to wrangle a group of idiots into acting sane for my videos so I would really like to oversee the tournament. I also have no idea how to do anything other than login to haha sorry


Oh oops, my fault :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry about the wrong URL haha


This is on the PC correct?


Correct. I’m not sure what plans we will be having with consoles at this time I believe as per our last big meeting.


Finally got a computer again…a Mac but I’ve been playing some game on steam that I bought during the summer sale that run on Mac. Pretty bomb. I only ever player RTS games on pc before (namely SC). But my god… wasd is a strange way to move lol. I could get used to it obviously but it just feels primitive lol.

I think I would try to one of those crazy one handed keyboards for a shooter if I was pc gaming. It just feels weird not having full directional with a stick lol.


ill kick your ass as a monster js


Hi - so here’s a team which woulh like to sign up!

& @L1NK here are also some guys from Germany which would really love to help you guys on this dgl-thing. If you want to try working with us just pm me :slight_smile:


Hell yeah! It’s good to see that there are people interested to play Evolve competetively even when the game wasn’t even released. I hope Evolve will be a strong player between the competetive games such as CSGO or LoL


No love for the ps4…


Well PC players such as me are in the same situation as you are @Guardian :smiley: I can just jealously watch Xbox One streams and cry a river


I’d looove to be a part of this! I have no clue wether my team is still active or not, but will have to find out! Can someone please say how to enter this??

Meanie xbox…
rage and sad face



So, i didn’t understand everything… You want some referee, and a coach per team, but how is it planed ? Because exept if i missed a point, there isn’t any spec mod, so how will they see the game to help =s ? Because i play on pc, so i cannot be there to play, but i got a really decent level, so it would be a real pleasure to be a coach/referee if it is possible, depending on how you plan to build that event !