Tournament system logistics


This is likely 1 of the only posts i will make, but i got into an argument with another person on another forum about logistics of tournaments in this game so i sat for a while figuring things out and this is what i came up with…
I do not know what is standard for competitive FPS tournaments but I created a 5 participant system (5 hunters teams 5 monsters).
If the Hunters win all of the games than they win and the prize money(if there is any)will be split between them.
If the Monsters win all of the games than the same principle is applied.

If the Hunters win all but 1 of the games the remaining monster will enter sudden death and will attempt to win against all of the remaining hunter teams and if they lose once than they are out.
Same principle applies for the other monsters.

If the Hunters win 3 of the matches than the monsters will be able to decide who they fight next while the other hunter team sits out. If the monsters win both games than the last hunter team will decide who they fight first and if they lose only 1 of these matches than they are out, and the monsters win. If only 1 monster wins and the other loses than than the last monster will choose who they fight first and if they loses 1 of these matches than they are out and the hunters win…

There you have it, this took me a half hour to figure out…And the people concerned can forms teams I can’t be bothered with that…


copy/pasted idea from another thread:

"An idea for competive matchmaking…start by filling a
lobby with 20 people(of course have the option to party up) So you have 5
teams and 5 rounds. 1 team plays as the monsters while the 4 other
teams are the hunters. 4 games that go on simultaneously each round. It
rotates till youve played as the monster once and hunters 4 times.
There could also be a rotation in which hunter class you play each

Each game you win is a point…so you win 2 games as hunters and 2 of
your teammates win their round as monster=4 points. Then you can rank
the teams by score. Ties are settled by stats such as the team’s average
kill number as monster, average time to kill monster(a round lost as
hunters would equal an hour or something) and other things of that

1st=gains a level
2nd=gains .5 of level
4=loses .5
5=loses 1

As for actual tournaments…if 20 teams are qualified, youd use this
format and take the top 2 from each group. 8 teams for the final
tournament bracket. "


I still think that team will(should ) have to win at both side of Evolve so I think teams would either be 4 or 5 players (1 dedicated monster player or one person can pull double duty). As how you “win”, I don’t think the E3 “Best of 3” will work in the long term.

I think we’ll have to wait and see how the “typical” game plays and judge from there. It will be unique because of the 4 v 1 aspect.


I don’t know, i just thought that it would be a waste to not post something like this in a place where people would be interested in the game it refers to…


Are we talking an IRL tournament or just an online one?


Teams seem like they will be of 5 members with the monster win counting for as much as a hunter team win.


I vote for straight points equal to number of wins. Partial points, or points awarded for surviving members, level of monster etc… game the tournament to much. Then you get outliers where it’s better to rush to Phase 3 even if it ensures you lose as you would get more points on average. Best of 3 is the best way to go about it. MAYBE best of 5, but best of 3 seems just fine.


A team should consist of both monster and hunters otherwise you aren’t really the best TEAM at evolve are you? :wink:

The best monster players will surely get picked up by teams fairly quickly while creating a proper team of hunters that mesh well will take time, unless you already have a semi pro team from other games :wink:


I also wouldn’t turn away the idea of a 4 man team. I know some gamers who excel at multiple roles. So Min. 4, Max of 5?


The only reason I see for requiring a 5 man team is if they wanted to run matches concurrently, meaning that 4 people play as hunters and 1 as monster in two separate matches going on at the same time. Otherwise, I agree that having someone play as both monster/hunter is probably a logical choice many teams will make.


I wrote the following on Reddit before. I copypasta’d it here cause I be Lazy

how would you go about building a Evolve tournament? in most games it is a simple elimination tournament with brackets. you win you move on. you lose and you’re done (or at least you are put in a losing team bracket). In Evolve however, the team isn’t facing another team but one monster. the tournament bracket of tradition would get messy.

Team A vs Monster A
Team B vs Monster B
Monster A vs Monster B

As you can see, that would quickly break the tournament. you would also run into the issue of the hunters winning more often than the monsters (or vis versa) so you can’t simply reshuffle the winners and keep on going.

My idea for a tournament is as follows;

16 teams of hunters and 16 monsters. Each team of hunters plays against every monster once.

The top 8 hunters and monsters who win the most in the previous bracket move on to the quarter finals.

Like the previous round, each hunter faces each monster. This time they play a best of three. Each match in another map.

The top 4 hunters and monsters in the quarter finals move on to the semi finals.

In the semi finals play the same as the quarter finals

The finals are a best of seven matches with the top monster and top hunter. The monster and the hunters choose three maps each. If it reaches a seventh match the map is chosen by the host.

another idea is to replace the first round with 4 groups of 4 monsters and hunters. Do a round robin and the top hunter/monster moves on the the quarter finals (or the top two if you want a longer tournament)
sorta like FIFA.


Are you envisioning having the pool of hunter players be separate teams from the pool of monster players? In other words, a team that enters would be either all hunters or one monster? Otherwise, you could have a team play itself… I’m not sure if I’m explaining this very well. Let’s say Optic and Kaliber both want to enter. They each have a team of 4 hunters and another player for the monster. Optic hunters and monster win every match. Thus, for the finals, Optic hunters would be facing an Optic monster. Is that how you have it set up?


No, either would the team play as hunter, or every single teammember would play against a team of hunter simultaneously.



You have a perfect understanding of the idea.

This way you can learn who is the best hunter team and who is the best monster.