Tournament Replays?


first, sorry for my bad english. I’ll try my best but it always bad.

want watch community tournament replay video. I try find replay in google and youtube but can’t find it.
is replay nonexistent? if not, please tell me where is it


You mean the QuickShot Tournament?


@Seedsy Has the videos somewhere but if a Leader or Mod can find it then there it is


Nvm Found them!


If you’re looking for BattleFY:

If you’re looking for QS, click the link above from @The_Specialist

If you give us more information, i can probably find the exact match you’re looking for.


oh I mean any tournament :s sorry for confusion.
I want to do better evolve play but can’t doing well so I think watch recent tournament video and more practice is what I need.
anyway, thanks for video and site links. It’s really a great help to me.


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