Tournament, fifth player needed ASAP


Im hosting a tournament tryout for hunters and looking for a really good monster player to try out with as well.
the skrimage will be at 6pm CDT and ill start sending out the party and game invites the posted time as well.
you can contact me on the forum and on XBOX. my GT is ArcticStorm321 and i am ranked 290 in the world (would be higher but I am in college during the week). there are 4 qualifying tournaments, one is sunday 4/26/15, so first come first serve. please leave your gamertag, preffered role/character to play, and estimated global rank for that role in the comments below, I’ll get in contact with you as soon as possible.
for example: ( ArcticStorm321 | trapper : maggie = 130 | )

Im so excited to meet all of you and I wish us luck on freezing over the competition :slight_smile:

tournament gameplay example here for first time tournamnet participants:


While I understand your excitement about getting a team ready, please stop creating new threads about it. This is your 3rd one. I will lock your other 2, and any new threads will be closed and moved here. Thanks.


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Correct :slight_smile:


oh thats so cool! so if i delete the message after i write one to make it go back to the top, it will stay up there until the nextmessage i post. if that how it goes that would be so much better.


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i see that some threads are pinned and others aren’t, how do you get something pinned to the top, that seems alot easier than replying to a thread once a day? do you have to get a certain amount of views or comments daily?


Moderators pin topics that are important or major hubs.


Looking for a fifth tournament player for Sunday asap