Total Progress Reset


Gamertag: I2edShift

Pre-purchased Evolve: Digital Deluxe Edition through the Microsoft store. I played for several hours yesterday and got to level 10, unlocked Kraken, and was about half way to rank 2 on my Goliath progress.

This morning I log into the game, buy the three different DLC Packs for all the monsters. My game (and system) hangs up as they finish installing and I’m forced to hard restart my console itself (game wouldn’t close). When I sign back into the game I have to re-do the tutorial(s), screen boundaries, brightness levels, etc etc… Back to level 1.

Also, I can see the build number at the top-left corner of the screen, above profile and such. Pretty **** irritating for a game I just dropped $101 USD on. Release woes or not.


This is likely due to a server issue, hopefully we’ll see a resolution soon.


It is a known server issue of 2K’s side. It is being looked into now. If you have any information that could prove helpful, send it to 2K’s support - they are working hard to iron out this bug.