Total Biscuit Co-Optional Broadcast Featuring Evolve


NOTE: I edited in the time to the video above, if its not working they start talking about Evolve at about 41 minutes and 32 seconds in.

Not that I enjoy or agree with everything he says, I think this should be presented to the community so they don’t hear it somewhere else.

It starts here and he mentions is very briefly at other parts but here is the bulk of the conversation.

Feel free to leave any outrage or agreement here!


His idea of ‘increasing the skill ceiling’ is hilariously flawed. The remaining players can go to a location to get his teammates back quicker, at the risk of the monster knowing he’s there? The monster will just wipe them, lol.

I don’t understand how this is ‘risk / reward’, it’s just risk from the player side, and reward from the monster side. Why would the monster NOT engage there?

Honestly, people just don’t think these things through. I find Totalbiscuit a bit obnoxious anyway tbh, I understand he exists as a YouTuber to give his honest opinion of things, but I so often find his views shallow and ill-considered that I wonder why so many people listen to him. Not saying he’s always wrong, but honestly I’m just glad he’s not a game designer himself.


“I totally agree… with everything the female just said. There’s “no direction” in a game entirely about tracking and hunting a monster.”


People still think that these critics are relevant? Maybe the 6-12 yr old demographic. Don’t get me wrong, some of the stuff they spew are true. ‘Critics’ seem to be spewing more opinion then ubiased review. Sorry that Evolve doesn’t cater to your ADHD. 60hrs and your finished?! So I guess your a Wraith MASTER! There is no ‘meat’ to evolve? If MEAT = STORY. Sure. If you want story read some lore.

Also this game was created for DLC expansion, it ain’t finished.


The arguement he has, Angry Joe has, some professional reviews etc…

They all say the same thing: “Evolve is great, it doesn’t have enough meat on it’s bones, buy it on sale someday”

So why don’t they do that? Release a big expansion update, give some new really unique game modes, new maps, new additional side stuff, etc for free. I would suggest a free monster and hunter batch, but I doubt that will happen, but if they added enough content to it and then asked these people to try it again, I bet they would spin on a dime.

I don’t agree with them myself, but I listened to the whole thing, they DON’T HATE THE GAME. They say some stupid confused shit, because they don’t understand some things, but all in all they all just say “Give us much more content and things to do, more depth and complexity, more things to keep you invested” and that is about it.

Edit: I asked Macman at one point if they actually intended on addressing any of the negativity directed towards them, the game, or anything about it. Got “no comment”, for anyone wondering about that though.


I *see 2 things that have to change

  1. True ranks
    A ranking system built on your last 10 games or something along those lines. Sure you are rank 40 but if you have lost 10 games you will be matched with people with a true level the same as yours. it goes back to my idea that the buff system/handicap should be extended across all game modes
  2. the other option is to split the hunter and monster ranks. I got to level 25 and hardly played the monster, I am getting better thanks to talking to other players but still i feel this system would work better.**