Torvald's Status


Torvald feels like he’s in a really weird spot right now. He went from having the lowest weak spot multiplier back in Legacy to having the highest now that Laz and Val barely have one. His shotgun has been buffed over and over again, now matching Parnell’s damage per pellet. And his mortars still feel really bad to fire.

Honestly, it feels like his shotgun has been overbuffed to compensate for his mortar being so weak. He’s pretty much just a better Parnell if you can stay close to the monster now. There are so many hunters with shotguns, but he’s the only one with mortars, and it just feels like we’re losing out on what makes him fun and unique. I certainly remember the terror that was release Torvald, but his mortars have been so bad for so long. I feel like taking some of the damage off of his shotgun and making his mortars somewhat easier to use wouldn’t break him.

@Insane_521 @mizx Are there any numbers that break down Torvald’s average shotgun vs mortar damage? Are there any plans to make his mortars more usable, or does the balance team think that it’s in a usable spot right now?


People often trash talk Torvald’s mortars. Personally, I don’t find them that difficult to use. It’s much easier to predict a teammate’s movements than it is to predict a monster’s. Target where your teammate (that is being attacked by the monster) is going and fire. You won’t miss many volleys if the monster keeps engaging and you lead properly. Even if the monster stops engaging because they heard the mortars fire, that gives your team a second or two to heal up.

Edit: Not to mention that his mortars were just buffed because they shoot 6/volley instead of 5.


He’s good now but still not worth picking over Parnell or Blitzkov.


“Not worth picking” is a little silly. If you play competitively and only care about reliablity and consistency, sure. But, if you want to enjoy the game by playing characters with unique and more challenging playstyles, then that’s fine too.

I like Torvald because I think he is fun and it’s not like he’s severely underpowered where it’s impossible to win games. To me, consistency gets boring very quickly. It’s those leading skillshots that come with the high risk, high reward that I find satisfying.


Don’t take the skill out of the mortars please and thank you.


I honestly think they take so long to land that its more luck than skill.You can predict them perfectly and the monster can change course at the last time and aboid them


Torvald + Cabot is one of the most savage combos in the game. I go with capacity and just rain mortars, switch unload shotgun, switch unload mortars etc. In defend he is my goto, you just destroy. Generally get 40,000-50,000 average damage.


Torvald and Cabot are one of my favorite Assault-Support duos.


This is an issue that’s been discussed several times before recently.
TRS keeps generalizing every Assault for the sake of “balance” and doesn’t consider “fun”.
Gotta have that 50% winrate, nothing else matters!

  • Blitzkov barely has any burst damage. Even if you reach the maximized beam several times you’ll just be on par with Markov and the rest.

  • Torvald gets his boring Autofire Shotgun buffed but his Mortar Cannon stays, apart from a few minor tweaks, mostly the same.

  • Lennox used to do high situational damage but now it’s alll generic. Depending on the Monster you might as well spend the whole match firing your AA cannon.

I’ll look up a quote from someone who explained the issue rather well.


Not sure about him. After a careful coordination, in a public game no less, I went full offensive with Sgt Hank’s orbital laser after Torvald peppered him with shrapnel. The armor melted away like butter on a stove. It was extremely satisfying to pull off and I wanna comb him with Cabot and unload a whole clip of shotgun after peppering and while the amp is up.


Seems like a lot of people here are talking about Torvald on console, which just isn’t what we’re on about. Gameplay is so different in S2, and the monster mobility is much, much higher. Doing a melee barely slows them down anymore, for instance.

They done broke him completely when they changed the mortars, and they really need to just own up to that and fix them.
They’ve even swapped his mortars to be his secondary instead of his primary, acknowledging how utterly useless and luckshot they are.

There is absolutely no skill to using mortars with the amount of warning and time a monster has to get out of the way. Doesn’t matter if you aim at where your team-mate is going, any monster with half a brain cell can both hear and see them coming, and have all the time in the world to get out of the way - because guess what, mortar AoE has been nerfed over and over as well.


Orbital laser doesn’t work on weakspots.


Since this most recent buff, I haven’t lost a single game with him. I play Torvald a lot. He was one of my first elite characters in Stage 2. People often say that they take too long to land and that makes it a “luckshot”. I completely disagree. If you can properly lead your shots, you rarely miss a volley if the monster keeps engaging your team (and if it doesn’t, that gives you time to recover).

You can’t keep looking at Torvald like he’s release Torvald. He very clearly isn’t. He’s completely different and you need to adapt your playstyle to fit him. Trust me, after a few games, you easily get the hang of him and start missing less and less mortar volleys.


Sure I’m not saying he can’t be won with, but the devs also clearly think he is lacklustre since they keep trying to tune him, and in my opinion tuning the completely wrong thing. Release Torvald was rewarding and fun, and his mortars were rightly his primary.

This version is yet another shotgun character, with a boring secondary that does 2-8K damage per fight, and the only difference between 2K and 8K is if the monster is bad or not, not how good your aim is.
Heck, lennox’ jump is more reliable than his mortars, and actually has traversal utility.

I remember the devs specifically explaining to people how you shouldn’t rely on Torvald’s shotgun, as it wasn’t his primary, and was there to help do some damage between mortars.

Compare that to the Torvald we have now, where he is all about the boring shotgun, and his mortars are only slightly more useful than a markov mine.


Torvald is the most frustrating Assault to play with. His Mortars are slow, period. This makes him difficult for most players to even become remotely decent with him. He’s probably the most inconsistent Assault because it’s frustrating having to constantly deal with players not dealing enough damage.

Plus his Autofire Shotgun is the most uninspired weapon in the game, I wish they would of given him something else.


His mortars have never been a primary, his shotgun is


Go into Arena and see which weapon he starts with. It ain’t the shotgun. Used to be he started with mortars off the dropship too.


His mortars used to be his primary, back before they got nerfed into their current state. I don’t think they’re useless or take luck to land, but they’re clearly not his primary source of damage anymore. You get your big damage off weak points and shotgunning, which is really unfortunate. The mortars are what make him stand out as an assault but they’re not nearly as big a part of him as they used to be. I’d definitely trade away some of his shotgun damage in exchange for easier to land mortars.


Exactly this. The mortars are literally the only unique thing about him, we have shotguns aplenty on other characters in the game. Making the mortars a iffy afterthought like mines is just very, very wrong. It’s not his third ability, it’s supposed to be his proper unique assault weapon.


I hope they don’t introduce anymore shotguns, it’s really getting boring using them especially in a sci-fi game.