Torvald's silhouette


So I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I’m playing monster and I smell Torvald sometimes I mistake him for a medic. His mortars look kind of like wings from the right angles. Going for a lone medic when the rest of the team is nearby can be pretty good but when that medic turns out to be Torvald I usually end up with a lot more than I bargained for. Is there something that could be done to make Torvald not look like a medic from certain angles?


You just gotta learn to recognise them. I really don’t find any trouble distinguishing a giant mortar launching jetpack from elegant, insect wings. Also listen for the Hunters grunting, talking or firing their weapon to figure out who’s there.


I kind of see what you mean but can’t say I’ve ever truly “mistaken” him for medic. He does look different than the other assaults though.


Just bear in mind that all of the Medics thus far have been small. Very small. Slim, almost elegant, you could say, with thin jetpack wings.

Torvald is a hulking slab of metal and flesh.


Lol, “can we please do something about the shape of this character”


I have similar issues but I often mistake him for Griffin or Abe and end up running into the real trappers thinking I had dodge the real one who turned out to be Torvald.