Torvald's shotgun animation looks like he is using a shake weight


That animation is so fast & furious I can’t take it seriously.

I was excited for the prospect of a new Assault but when he uses his shotgun, it looks way too ridiculous. It kinda reminds me of someone using a Shake Weight actually.


Does anyone else notice that the eyes on this video during the Evolve logo don’t resemble any current monsters. The animation is a bit too fast for a Goliath movement, and Wraith doesn’t really have eyes. Possible early 5th monster easter egg?


That actually might be


I never understood why some one would shake something so close to their face like that, it looks ridiculous and suggestive.


Kinda sounds like kraken though, but then again this things has 2 eyes. Wierd. :confused:


It did a swipe motion that looks nothing like the other swipe motions in the game to.


I love how the tutorial videos always show quiet, simple situations in which to attack a monster, while real combat is a jumbled mess of particles, people and monster claws flying around, like a camera being kicked :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s like “yeah, doesn’t it look easy to land a grenade when Goliath is walking towards you on a perfectly flat environment?”


Like it or not thats how the shotgun would work in real life.


I think it’s actually a Kraken with two eyes closed. If you look closely, you can see it uses a tentacle to hit the logo and the tentacle beard. Plus it would go along with the original T2 hunters in the backround.


I’m pretty sure that’s why full auto shotguns were made BC doing this in real life isn’t possible for a human. Great logic.


To me it looks like kraken when he pounces me as a hunter. Honestly the scariest sh** that has happened to me as a hunter. :scream:


Yup, it’s the same intro they used for the Kraken reveal trailer back at E3

@GabrielNGalaz … Torvald doesn’t even hold it like they do in the shake weight commercial! D:


You are amazing. You are very attractive and interesting.


Now going to sleep mode


OK, I only used the Shake Weight as reference BC I didn’t want to say the animation makes Torvald looks like he’s jerking off his shotgun. There…I said it. :weary:

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